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10 Adventurous Things to Do in Cyprus in October

Cyprus in October is the perfect time to enjoy adventures all over the country. The sizzling summer temperatures have given way to pleasant sunny days ideal for biking, hiking, and enjoying a boat trip.

Where is Cyprus Located?

If you have not paid too much attention to the actual location of Cyprus, it is in the eastern Mediterranean. Physically located in the Middle East, it is more culturally aligned with Europe and is part of the EU.

cyprus on the map

Climate of Cyprus in October

October offers cool weather in the mountains and sunny beach weather at the water. The bitter hot sun of summer has past and it is a popular time for those looking for an active holiday!

10 Adventurous Things to Do in Cyprus in October

Cyprus Coastlines

Take a Hike in the Trodos Mountains

The Trodos Mountains in Cyprus offer beautiful views and plenty of opportunities to get your heart pounding. They are the largest mountains in Cyprus and stretch across most of the western side of the island. There are many resorts, Byzantine monasteries, and churches, and nestling in its valleys are villages clinging to terraced hills. 

While near the Trodos Mountains, check out Omodos for its stone houses and medieval monastery.

Hiking in Trodos Mountains

Explore Villages

Omodos, as mentioned above is known for its stone architecture and its narrow streets. Its medieval Monastery of Holy Cross contains impressive wood carvings and is located in the center of the village. While wandering the village, keep an eye out for the traditional wine press and sweet treats.

Lefkara is known for Lefkaritika lace. It is renowned for its intricate designs and meticulous craftsmanship and has been recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage

Breakfast in Cyprus village
Lefkara Lace Cookies
Village of Lefkara in Cyprus in October

Be a Beekeeper for a Day

Visit “Oros Machaira” for an immersive experience where visitors will have the opportunity to dress up in beekeeper suits and visit the beehives. See inside the hives and learn how to find the queen bee, what bees feed on and which seasons they work in!

TOUR INFO: available here

Beekeeping in Cyprus in October

Bike in the Mountains

The Trodos Mountains offer excellent opportunities for cyclists. Enjoy empty roads as you bike up and down the mountains.

Biking in Cyprus

Snorkel to the Underwater Museum

One of the most popular things to do in Cyprus is to get out on the water. Ayia Napa attracts party-goers and beach enthusiasts, offering a lively atmosphere and stunning coastal scenery. Many holiday-makers do not leave the beach as they bask in the sun that they often do not get at home. Just offshore, snorkelers can visit M.U.S.A.N in Ayia Napa. The creative objective of M.U.S.A.N was to create a seamless link between the land and the ocean, combining two disparate wonders, one created by man and one designed by nature. It aims to deliver an otherworldly experience that illustrates the connectivity of man with nature, a hybrid organic form in harmony with its surroundings.

There are also plenty of dive shops for those who like diving!


Snorkelling in Cyprus

Take a Sunset Boat Ride

One of the best ways to enjoy the beauty of the waters around Cyprus is on a boat cruise. Many companies offer an array of options, and can include swimming.

Boat Trips in Cyprus

Go back in time to the ruins of Kato Paphos

The Archaeological Park and the House of Dionysos is a must-do in Cyprus. It contains amazingly well-preserved mosaics, some of the finest in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Mosaics in Cyprus

Snorkel at the Blue Lagoon

Cyprus has crystal clear waters to snorkel and swim. From the port of Akamas, travel along the coast before an evening swim and sunset on the boat.

Hike the Akamas Peninsula

The Akamas Peninsula is home to stunning views on the Aphrodite Trail. At the base of the trail is the Baths of Aphrodite, the place where the Goddess of Love used to meet her lover Adonis and take her beauty baths – it’s a small natural grotto.

Hiking Aphrodite Trail Cyprus

Practical Information on Cyprus

  • Cyprus is located geographically in the Middle East, but culturally is more European.
  • Cyprus is part of the EU and uses the Euro as its currency
  • Greek and Turkish are official languages but English is widely spoken
  • There is a division between the Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots resulting in the green line border that divides the island into two parts.
  • Ensure you fly into Larnaca Airport (LCO) or Paphos Airport (PFO). There are flights from Istanbul into the Turkish side of the Island, but visas are not granted at the Green line.
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