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What to Buy in London: The Best Souvenirs from London

If you are wondering what to buy in London, or where to buy souvenirs in London then this post has you covered. Shopping for London souvenirs is part of experiencing the city, wither it is your first time in the UK or you are a frequent visitor to the city.

There is just something so iconic about this city, the best way to remember it is to pick out the best souvenirs from London and bring them home for yourself, of family and friends.

Most people think of red telephone boxes, or the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth II or Tower Bridge (no it is not actually called London Bridge, sorry to burst that bubble). When I visit any city, I love to bring home a taste of that city, whether it is a local treat, or one of the things you can only buy in London and usually a flag for my kids to hang on their wall.

What to Buy in London

What to Buy in London | Souvenirs from London on the streets of the UK Capital

There are so many London souvenirs that you can pick up when you visit the UK. I have posted most of the popular ones below, from local treats to the best gifts from London to bring home to your family and friends! By the time you get to the bottom you will have plenty of ideas of souvenirs to look out for during your trip!

Tea from Twinnings 

This is first on my list because it is a personal favourite of mine. A trip to London usually involves perusing the local grocery store and checking out all of the teas is one of my favourite things to do. There is also a Twinnings specific shop where you can buy your favourite flavoured teas.

I suggest you try the Twinnings Vanilla, although it is not easy to locate in the grocery stores and I have only found it in London at the Twinnings shop. It makes it so much more worthwhile when you finally find something that you are looking for! For me, it is their Vanilla Tea! (Strangely enough, it is easy to buy in Paris, and is on my Parisian souvenirs list too)

[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”500″ identifier=”B01MXD66DB” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”cadiouwa-20″ width=”500″]

Pandora Charms

Charm Bracelets have come back thanks in part to Pandora. And they do it right! With beautiful travel charms, Pandora offers a selection of London inspired charms, from a double decker bus to Big Ben. Keep your eye out for other London inspired designs and visit a Pandora store while you are souvenir shopping in London.

House of Commons Notebook

Fancy taking a piece of the Parliament home with you? Then a House of Commons notebook is a must buy in London for you. With notebooks and journals available on every corner, one from the House of Commons will be sure to complement your desk at home.

[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”270″ identifier=”B00P2VNZ2W” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”cadiouwa-20″ width=”500″]

Malt Bread not your Usual Souvenir from London

If you are staying in London hostels and do not have room to bring anything home, then why not try one of London’s staples!

If you do not know a Brit, you will likely not have any idea what Malt Bread is. But do me a favor and head into any grocery store and keep your eye open for a yellow and purple package! When I last bought them they were less than a pound, and you will see them in all of the import Brit shops around the world (usually for 5x the price). It is a staple food item for Brits. It is also the perfect snack for any UK road trip.

While you are visiting, if you want to know what to buy in London to have with your tea, grab yourself some butter and malt bread (and then grab a few more for the suitcase to take home!)

London Souvenir Christmas Ornament

Christmas ornaments are popular things to buy in London. They are also a popular souvenir for any traveler to bring home. When decorating the tree each year, they evoke strong memories of trips gone by and fuel that wanderlust for more adventures.

Pick up a Red Telephone Box, or Big Ben or a Union Jack flag ornament when you are souvenir shopping in London and add it to your travel collection of Christmas ornaments at home! after a few rides on the tube, maybe a “mind the gap” souvenir will be what catches your eye.

[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”345″ identifier=”B004R9GJ3W” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”cadiouwa-20″ width=”500″]

London Souvenir Biscuits & Walker’s Shortbread

Tea and biscuits is a part of everyday life in the UK. Walker’s shortbread is probably one of the most giftable biscuits from London, but any type will be sure to satisfy your friends and family. Either keep some at home when they come over, or bring some home for a colleague or friend after your holiday!

If you have eaten them all, you can always buy more from [easyazon_link identifier=”B004R9GJ3W” locale=”US” tag=”cadiouwa-20″]here[/easyazon_link]


If you happen to be visiting London and haven’t brought yourself an umbrella, you will probably have to make a trip to James Smith and Sons’ shop to pick one up. If you do not happen to have time to visit it and the rain is already upon you, grab yourself a Union Jack one from a UK souvenir shop. While it may not stand out on your trip, when you return home, your Union Jack will be a bright spot in the sea of black umbrellas on the street.

Gin from London

Wondering what to buy in London for the person who is house sitting your pets? or has come to water your plants? or a coworker taking care of your work while you are away? Maybe it is a bottle of gin.

Cadbury Chocolate

Maybe your pet sitter is a teenager and Gin is not the perfect gift from London. Perhaps some Cadbury Chocolate is a better bet. Did you know that Cadbury’s tastes different all over the world since it is is made in different factories. Each one tastes just a bit different! We have been to Cadbury World in the UK and its a fun way to see how the chocolate is made!

What to buy in London | Souvenirs from London

Things to buy in London for Kids

Toys from Hamleys

It used to be that you could only find Hamley’s in London, although I have more recently stumbled across smaller versions around the world but there is really no replacing the original toy store.

Beautifully decorated, it is full of souvenirs to buy in London for the children in your life, or even the kid in you. You will find quality children’s brands, as well as some iconic British products.

Anything from Paddington Bear

For the children in your life, there is the classic Paddington Bear, made all the more popular by the recent remake of the classic story! London has a plethora of Paddington Bear and other beloved children’s classic items. They make great gifts for kids!

Harry Potter Wand

This one is not just for kids, it is for the Harry Potter fan of all ages. A visit to Ollivianders to pick out the perfect wand (or a trip to Harrods) at platform 9 3/4 will be sure to delight everyone. Will it be maple, or oak, or something else that chooses you!

London Attractions

Have you planned your souvenir shopping around London’s top attractions? If you are looking for things to do in the city I highly suggestion the following. 

Harry Potter Walking Tours

London Eye Fast Track Tickets

Tower of London and Crown Jewels

London River Cruise

Warner Brothers Studio Tour with Transportation from London

What to buy in London Conclusion

While you are planning your visit to London, I hope you are no longer asking “What should I buy from London” after reading this list of  London souvenir ideas. While you are planning your trip, you will not want to miss these attractions. If you have captured some stellar photos and want to share them online, have a read of these perfect London Instagram captions to put the perfect quote with your photo!

10 things to buy in London

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  1. Sunny London says:

    As an American living in London, I always enjoy seeing what other people think is best to buy as souvenirs. Cadbury chocolate and gin are great suggestions, but if you wait and get them at World Duty Free when you leave, you get a huge discount! You just have to be ready to repack the gin in a suitcase to check in if you are returning to America and have a connecting flight when you arrive. You can also tour the Beefeater Distillery. Tower Bridge and London Bridge are two separate bridges. Both exist. I take a lot of photos for my blog and videos for YouTube channel while standing London Bridge because it offers amazing views when you’re on it- but isn’t too scenic to photograph itself! It’s also right near the best food market in London- Borough Market!