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I Will Not Put My Kids In Anything Else: Akova Ski Gear Review

Once you have tried premium ski gear, you will never buy anything else. Let me tell you why. My kids have skied in Costco snowsuits, as well as more expensive gear bought from sports stores. But now that they have worn Akova ski gear, I will not put them in anything else.

Imagine still being dry at the end of the day? Imagine a day with no one complaining they are cold. Imagine being comfortable yourself that you can handle kids who want to be outside skiing or riding until the lifts close! That is what you get with Akova ski gear!

akova ski gear review

Akova Kids Ski Gear Fit

First, the gear fits amazingly. It has adjustable sizing on the arms and legs. Compared to other brands that just offer a seam rip to lengthen, Akova ski gear uses a simple button and elastic (think of toddler pants) that you can tighten and loosen as needed. This makes Avoka great for hand-me-downs!

Akova Ski Gear Review Green Jacket
Ski gear keeping Markus warm on this very cold bluebird day. He is 5ft tall in size 14 jacket and insulator and 12 pants
Akova kids ski gear with adjustable lengths
Adjustable arms and legs with an elastic means they can be shortened and lengthened as needed
Markus in the snow wearing Akova Ski Gear
Markus in some fresh snow staying dry all day in Akova. he is 10 years old, 5 ft tall wearing size 12 pants and size 14 jacket and insulator

Besides the adjustable feature, it is not bulky but is very warm. My kids skied in 6°F (-14°C) weather last week and they wore a simple wool baselayer under their Akova gear. They wore the Elevated Kids Bib / Pant (the bib part is removable which is ideal for those who do not like the bib style), the Kids Elevated Insulator and the Kids Elevated Hardshell.

For tweens who do not like to bring coats to school (if you have a tween or teen you know exactly what I am talking about), the Akova insulator is perfect because they can easily shove it into their backpacks rather than a huge winter coat! Mine now grab theirs without complaint and into their backpacks it goes! These insulators will also be great for packing when we travel as they do not take up much space at all! Multiple-use products make me happy!

Akova offers a way to properly Layer Gear to Keep Kids Warm

The premise of the gear is proper layering which is achieved with the products mentioned above. Akova offers a waterproof outer layer that is key to the kind of skiing we often do (not to mention playing in the snow when it is wet!) The insulating mid layer provides the warmth they need for any temp and a wool or wicking base layer going against the skin.

My kids are the kind of kids that do not wear jackets on the day to day, but they were keen to wear the insulator zip up everyday as it felt like a sweatshirt but functioned to keep them warm in the freezing temps. They only put on the hardshell when we hit the slopes and they were in the snow.

Akova / Shred Dog Insulator and Bib Pants
Insulator in size 14 and pants in size 12 keeping Markus warm in very cold temps!
Mattias in Akova Insulator size 16
Mattias is 12 years old 5’6 and is wearing the size 16 insulator. With the adjustable arms it is a bit long for him to grow into but fits just fine
Insulator from Akova for everyday
On sunny but cold days, the kids went for the insulator right away! It was warm but not bulky!

Akova Women’s Line Fit

I wore the women’s Legacy Bib with the Elevated Hardshell. Underneath I wore the women’s Legacy Insulator. I got a large in all three pieces, but I may have been able to squeeze into a medium because their gear is all stretchy! Unbelievably stretchy! Have you ever heard of good stretch in ski gear? I have never worn anything like it!

I went with the large because I did not want to feel too constricted and am happy with it. Based on the size measurements I was a large, but I do find the insulator a bit long on me compared to the model on the website. So if you are short, this is probably where you can size down if you are in between sizing.

I have to say after being in very cold conditions all week, I was not cold at all. I have a phobia of being cold. Call me crazy, I love to ski, but I am always layered up! I had a winter weight wool base layer under the insulator and then the hardshell and I was happy and warm! I will probably wear the insulator to my son’s hockey games for the rest of the season because I love how warm but not bulky it was!

If you are worried about sizing and fit, don’t worry! Akova has a 100% comfort guarantee. If you wear the gear and do not like the fit, breathability or waterproofness, they will make it right! There is also a hassle-free return process for gear that does not fit out of the box! Makes purchasing it online a no-brainer!

Lindsay outfitted with Akova Hardshell and Insulator
Akova Elevated Hardshell and Elevated Insulator on a cold bluebird day
All ready for the elements in Akova ski gear
Ready for all kinds of conditions wearing Large in the Hardshell, Insulator and Bib
Dressed and ready for the slopes in Akova Ski Gear
Akova Elevated Hardshell with Insulator and Bib Pants all in size Large

Akova Ski Gear Features by Product

Kids Hardshell – waterproof, breathable, and stretchy. the 20K waterproofing and breathability is something you will not find in other kids’ gear!

Kids Elevated Insulator – ultra-thin insulation but warm, stretchy, durable, and water-resistant

Elevated Kids Bib / Pant – durable weather protection, insulated, can be worn as a bib or as a pant. They feature 20K waterproof which means they will be dry at the end of the day in the snow! No more soaking wet bums or knees after playing or riding all day!

Women’s Elevated Hardshell – Designed for skiing and snowboarding, it is waterproof, breathable, and stretchy, with underarm vents, and plenty of pockets (including a wrist pocket for a ski pass)

Women’s Legacy Bib – under the chest bib design, stretchy, comfortable, waterproof, breathable and form-fitting. The stretch in these pants is second to none! Features a side zip making bathroom breaks a breeze!

Women’s Elevated Insulator – warm but not bunchy, breathable, comfortable. I wore this everyday and it kept me so warm. I could hop in the car and drive without feeling bunchy!

Elevated Junior Glove

Akova Ski Gear Pricing

Akova sells directly to consumers meaning no retail markup. This means families can get premium gear without paying premium markups. Now I will tell you, this is good quality gear, it is not the $50 Costco snowsuit, but the performance speaks for itself. Comparing performance-branded gear in stores to Akova, expect to save a lot of money!

Akova has a lifetime warranty for any manufacturing defects so you can use the gear with confidence knowing that it will perform for its whole lifetime.

Akova offers readers using the code CARPEDIEM 10% off any sale merch and 25% off full-priced items meaning you can save even more! Check them out for yourself online here

To make things even better, Akova recently rebranded its “Shred Dog” kids gear into the Akova name so all of the Shred DOG branded gear is on clearance! Markus wore the Shred Dog Insulator and with the current super sale and the CARPEDIEM discount, it comes out to just $34! Show me anywhere else you can get warm, performance layers for that price!

It’s the Little Things that Make Akova the Best Ski Gear

Akova as thought of everything. From fully waterproof hard shells, waterproof zippers, stretchy fabric, adjustable hood to fit helmets, a hideaway powder skirt, adjustable sizing on the kids gear and thin but warm mid-layers. I do not see the kids or me ever wanting to change systems.

Check them out for yourself online here

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