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Amman Food Tour Offers Authentic Local Experience

Part of the thrill of travel for me has been interacting with locals and getting real connections with the people who live in the neighborhoods I visit. This is what you will get on an Amman food tour. Yes I love a nice hotel and a beautiful infinity pool, but when I stay in those kinds of accommodations, there is typically a lot of seasonal worker staff. Yes, sometimes you will find locals, but you will also often find that the all-inclusive style of travel attracts a lot of migrant workers. Nothing wrong with that, I am happy these people have employment, but it leaves me wanting more from understanding the local culture.

When you travel to Jordan, it is full of authentic experiences. Right off the plane, if you have booked a tour, your guide will more than likely be a local Jordanian. (I had no idea that tour guides were often from other countries but I learned in Latin America that often guides will do tours in countries that are not their own). If you are traveling independently, your car rental will have local workers, as will your hotel front desk. While Jordan does have some foreign workers, they do not typically work in tourism. When you visit Jordan, those you interact with were likely born and raised in Jordan.

Lindsay on amman food tour.
Fresh juice in Amman. So many choices but I always go with lemon with mint! Its the best lemonade you will ever have

When it comes to taking a food tour in Jordan, the Amman food tour options have local guides. You can book a tour online to experience a deep dive into the food culture in Amman. Start with a typical staple, manaqish, as well as a falafel sandwich. These are things that local Jordanians eat every day! Continue your tour into the fruit and veggie market, where many locals prefer to shop in the market for veggies and meat instead of grocery stores. (Yes Jordan also has grocery stores). Your tour also includes mansaf a bedouin dish that is often referred to as the national dish of Jordan. It is comparable to how many Canadian and Americans and Brits think of Turkey dinner!

Mansaf eaten by hand
Mansaf is traditionally eaten with your hands. You learn all about it on a food tour with Amman food tours.

The best part about this food tour in Amman is that it is led by a local woman who is passionate about sharing her love of Jordan with visitors. I love being able to support local women, especially in a male-dominated workforce! I can guarantee you that if you book a food tour in Amman with Amman Food Tours you will have a wonderful experience in the city! It is just one of my top recommendations for things to to in Amman. It offers an introduction to restaurants in Amman that you may not find at the top of the well-known best restaurants in Amman guides. I also highly recommend adding this to your list of things to do in Jordan with kids.

Arabic Ice Cream on Amman food tour.
My first time trying Arabic ice cream
Amman food tour
Markus and Amman Food Tours co-founder Awad

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