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Amman to Petra Bus | Everything you need to know about the Daily Bus Service [2024]

If you are looking for information on the Amman to Petra bus, you are in the right place! I have taken this bus a couple of times and it is pretty straightforward. It is a modern air-conditioned coach bus and has the same schedule every day. It is perfect for those who want to see Petra on a day trip, but do not have time to spend the night in Wadi Musa (the town where Petra is located).

You can book round-trip fares as well as one-way fares. There is only one bus company that runs scheduled service to Petra from Amman and that is JETT.

Amman to Petra Bus information

Amman to Petra Bus Schedule

The JETT Bus leaves at 6:30am everyday from the Amman JETT Abdali station. You can call in advance and reserve your tickets, and then pay when you get there. You can also book online on their app if you are already in Jordan. If you want to book before you arrive in Jordan (yes you will want to make sure you have a seat as there is only one bus per day) you need to book it online here.

JETT recommends you arrive 30 minutes before the bus departs. They scan luggage before it is loaded under the bus.

There are two places where you can pick up the bus in Amman to get to Petra. One is Abdali (mentioned above which is near the 4th circle) and the other is the 7th Circle JETT Station. If you are staying near downtown then Abdali will be more convenient but if you happen to be near the 7th circle, you can go to that pickup point also.

The Treasury Viewpoint. The End of the Al-Kubtha Trail in Petra
The Treasury Viewpoint in Petra with my boys . The End of the Al-Kubtha Trail in Petra

How long does it take to get to Petra by Bus?

The bus from Amman to Petra takes about 3.5 hours and you should arrive to the Petra Visitors Centre just after 10 am. This gives you a full day to spend in Petra. One of the benefits of taking the JETT bus is that it drops you off and picks you up right outside the Petra Entrance.

There is one thing to note about taking the bus one way. If you have luggage, you are going to have to drop it at your hotel before you enter the Petra site. For this reason, I suggest you book a hotel near the Petra site entrance. Then you can drop your luggage and enter the site. A lot of the hotels are way up hill, you do not want to be walking with the luggage. I suggest grabbing a taxi if you need to drop your luggage in what is refered to as “uptown Wadi Musa”

Food and Drink on the JETT bus

When you travel from Amman to Petra on JETT, there is a hostess that serves drinks for a small fee. It is about one-half dinar for a Nescafe or tea.

Returning to Amman from Petra On the Same Day

The return but from Petra to Amman bus leaves Daily at 5 pm for your return journey to Amman. Again it takes about 3.5 hours and you will get back into Amman around 9:30 pm. Double-check with the driver that the departure time is 5:00 to make sure you do not miss it. The bus does not wait for people and there are sometimes strange schedule changes.

I highly suggest that if time allows, spend at least one night in Petra, get a two-day entrance ticket, and give yourself a second day to enjoy the site. After the long bus ride, you know how bus rides are exhausting doing nothing, you will not get the most out of your day if you just see Petra once and then hop back on a bus to Amman. But, if one day is all you have, I hope this info will help you make the most of your day!

Does the Amman to Petra bus Run During Ramadan and Other Holidays

Yes. The bus goes daily. Note that food and drinks will not be offered during Ramadan. Often the bus stops half way for a short break (I will be honest, it is usually so the driver can have a smoke and stretch his legs), but it also does not stop during Ramadan.

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  1. Jitka Adlerov√° says:

    Hello from Czech Republic. We are going to Amman with my husband from 11 June to 18 June. only. Arrival 17.30 departures 18.30 o clock. I booked Amman Pasha hotel and Rama for last day. I m not sure about our itinerary. I can cancel hotel without problem for now and change. Pasha is next Citadel and Rama is around other good things there. We would like visit sure Citadel,Theathre, Hercules palace, souk, mall in Amman.Also Dead Sea. Important is visit Petra and Wadi Rum but per day better. If will will have free time also Aqaba and Red Sea for one day. This take time for spend night at Wadi Musa. Give me please good advice I need save money for us is it very expensive country. We want to see 4 places sure about what I wrote up. We need not wated time. Im thinking about the Jett bus but what about our one luggage 60x40x23cm? After arrival to Wadi Musa we need first hotel…I thing. Sorry for my english maybe. Thanks Jitka for us 1 JD = almost 33 czech krone!

    • Hi Jitka,
      perhaps this itinerary will be helpful to help your organize your trip.
      The Ultimate 5 Days in Jordan Itinerary
      this itinerary is for self driving, but you can take a few legs with the JETT bus. It is an expensive country to travel in so you need to budget to be able to see all of the things you want to see! Let me know if you have any questions after reading the itinerary!

  2. Cindy says:

    Very helpful! Thanks so much for this info. I’m a female Australian having to travel to Jordan for work next month and was a touch apprehensive given the DO NOT TRAVEL warnings from the Australian consulate. Sounds like they are being overly careful.