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Things to buy in Australia: Uncovering the Best Australian Souvenirs

If you are planning a trip to Australia and want to know what to buy in Australia, this post has you covered! In between exploring some of the best national parks, one of my favourite things is finding something special from the places I visit. Since Australia is known for its uniqueness, anything that comes from Australia has its own unique qualities! Perhaps a stuffed koala or a boomerang or something with a Kangaroo, there are so many things to buy in Australia to bring home as gifts or keepsakes from your vacation.

I often get asked what I buy when I travel and one of the things that I try and collect in every county I visit is a small flag. Sometimes I also send home a postcard from the places I visit, but I also love buying gifts for family and friends and let my kids pick out something for their bedroom at home. After you have planned your two week Australia itinerary, keep reading this post for all of the best things to buy in Australia whether you are planning a visit or wanting to find some unique gift ideas!

Things to buy in Australia: The Best Australian Souvenirs

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Australian Wine

Wine landed on the top of my list because Australia is known all around the world for its wine. It is the 8th largest producer in the world with 60% of production being exported to other countries. Some of your favourites from home can be enjoyed in Australia and you might find a new favourite while you are there. If you are bringing wine home from Australia, check what the limits are for your home country so you do not have customs issues on arrival back home

Australian Opals

As Australia’s national gemstone, opals make great souvenirs from Australia. Australia produces 95% of the world’s supply and it is one of the most authentic Australian souvenirs to buy on your trip. Most of the opals from Australia are white opals and come from the southern part of the country. 

UGG Boots from Australia

UGG Boots are a popular Australian souvenir and high quality sheepskin products have been popular gifts from Australia for years. They were originally used for utilitarian footwear and surfers picked up the trend in the 1960s and 1970s. In the 1990s they became popular and by 2000 all over the world! Sheepskin is known to regulate body temperature, so these will keep your feet cozy in the winter, but they will not make you too hot! Pick up a cozy pair while you are in Australia and you will have a practical and iconic memento of your vacation.

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An Australian Souvenir Akubra Hat

Made famous by Crocodile Dundee, this hat is a staple item in Australia. With hot sun, this wide-brimmed hat has been keeping the sun off people’s heads for years. If you are planning on hiking to the Three Sisters, I definitely suggest a hat!

If you want to travel Australia in style, pick one up here before your trip!

Kangaroo Leather

Wallets, bags and belts are popular products made from Kangaroo leather. It is a unique leather and is the strongest leather for its weight. Kangaroo leather is known to make high quality souvenirs and makes a great thing to buy in Sydney or wherever your Australian travels take you!

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Locals have a passion for the stuff, it is worth trying it when you visit a Grocery store in Australia. It is a thick, black food spread, and is used on toast, on crumpets, in sandwiches and as pastry filling. Most people say it takes a little getting used to, but if you fancy it, hit up a grocery store in Australia and pick yourself up an edible Australian souvenir!

Things to buy in Australia souvenirs.

Koala Stuffy

A timeless classic would be to buy an Australian Koala stuffy to bring home from your trip. You can find Koala merchandise pretty much everywhere, whether you souvenir shopping in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth or Brisbane! They are on mugs, fridge magnets, t-shirts, coasters and as stuffed animals in all sizes! 

Tim Tams

When I ask anyone about delicious Australian treats to bring home, Tim Tams are often on the top of the list. Definitely try them while you are in Australia and you will probably be as hooked as I was. They are available in other countries, so your grocery store at home might have them too!


You might not know what a Didgeridoo is until you visit Australia, but It makes a unique souvenir to bring home from your trip! It is a wooden wind instrument that was developed by the Indigenous of Australia and is still used today. Replicas make for a great conversation piece for your souvenir collection when you go home.

An Australian Souvenir Cricket Bat

Cricket is considered the national sport of Australia and a replica cricket bat makes a great souvenir, especially if you caught a match on your travels! They vary in price depending on the quality and are a bit awkward to bring home, but can likely be transported as a carry on if packaged properly. Check your airline rules.

Emu Oil

Emu Oil has been used for years by the Aboriginal Australians and has so many beneficial uses. Whether skin or joint conditions, it is a natural way to bring relief! There is a variety of emu oil products on the market, from straight emu oil to skincare products.

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Australia is full of unique souvenirs. As such as isolated country, there is so much about Australia that you do not find anywhere else in the world. A Boomerang is a great souvenir to hang on a wall at home or to bring home for kids to master the art of throwing it and making it come back!

If you are looking for souvenir shopping in other countries, check out my posts on Egypt, Greece, New Zealand, and more!

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