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What to Buy in Egypt: Souvenirs and Gifts Worth Bringing Home from your Trip (2023)

If you want to know what to buy in Egypt, this post has you covered! I love wandering a bazaar or a souq or a gift shop to find the best things to buy in Egypt as a memento of my trip, especially if it is one of the popular or unique Egypt souvenirs you can find in this list below.

I used to send myself home a postcard, but that was interrupted after a postcard from Jordan took 9 months to arrive in Canada! I have also been to a few places lately that do not have postcards on every corner (like Iraq), unlike the ABC shops scattered along Waikiki Beach in Oahu. Since then, I decided that the best souvenirs to buy in Egypt should come home with me, instead of in the mail. I also like to buy a flag from the country I am visiting and that easily fits into any suitcase or backpack!

Keep reading below to see what to buy in Egypt and find the best Egyptian souvenir for you!

What to Buy in Egypt | 10 Best Things to Buy in Egypt

Best Egypt Souvenirs

#1 Top Egypt Souvenir Alabaster Vase

Alabaster is a popular thing to buy in Egypt to take home as a souvenir. It is a soft rock that makes it ideal for carving.

There are plenty of places to buy Alabaster in Egypt but if you visit a factory, they will probably explain to you how to tell if what you are buying is genuine alabaster or a replica made of other materials.

When you are in these places, know that the shop you are in is likely there for your benefit, but that is part of Egypt. The locals need the support of the tourists.

When we were in Cairo, one of the best things we did was a day tour. You can check out a great one here. If you are not sure that you want to navigate Egypt on your own, these amazing small group tours will get you all of the high lights in what is considered a difficult country to travel in. When you are done with this post, consider reading Tips for Visiting the Pyramids of Giza and our experience there!

One of the top things to buy in Egypt are canopic jars.
Want to know what to buy in Egypt? This is my bookshelf with Canopic jars I bought from Luxor. They are one of the best things to get fromEgypt as souvenirs in my opinion.

#2 Top Egypt Souvenirs include Canopic Jars

Canopic Jars would be one of the best things to buy in Egypt as a unique souvenir in my opinion. What else holds so much history as the mummification of the Egyptian Pharaohs? What else can you put on a shelf that immediately says Egypt?

The canopic jars used in the mummification process held the organs of the deceased.

Did you know that ancient Egyptians thought that the brain was useless and it was discarded in the mummification process?

The four canopic jars held the stomach, the liver, the intestines, and the lungs. They come in various materials and you will see them all over Egypt. We chose to buy ours from a stone shop and they make a great display at home.

If you are spending a few days in Cairo. I suggest you check out this: Daily Cairo Dinner Cruise. It is super affordable and makes for a great Egyptian experience.

#3 Spices

There are a few spices you to buy in Egypt on your visit that are often very high quality and cheaper than from home. Spices can be found almost anywhere from hotel gift shops to souqs and markets. Sumac is a popular purple-colored one that I suggest you keep your eye out for. It is great with chicken and you can also use it in making your own Zaater to put on bread. I also suggest looking for Zaater spice if you enjoy bread with oil and zaater. It tastes much better than the ones you can buy in the ethnic foods sections at home

#4 Cotton Dress

Whether you choose a pair of Egyptian Pyjamas or a loose dress or shirt, you will have plenty of choices in the Souq’s in Egypt. We enjoyed wandering the Luxor Souq and the kids picked out a pair of cotton wares for themselves.

Again, when you are comparing these, you will likely find lots of cheap imports, and that is why each stall has the same one. But there are authentic Egyptian made if that is what you were after. I was not picky on the authenticity and wanted some cute pajamas for my kids!

When shopping in the souq for the best items to buy while in Egypt, my goal was to provide for the locals. Spending tourist dollars is what they need. No one will really give you a good idea of what things should cost. I was quoted an insane price for a cotton jumpsuit and walked away instantly. I quickly found a similar one at the first price I was offered was much more reasonable. Pay what YOU want, if it feels to expensive, do not buy it.

If you are planning an Egypt visit, consider using Get Your Guide or Viator for super affordable day-trips and multi-day tours!The best Luxor Day tours here and here. The Best Cairo Day tours here

Things to Buy in Egypt | Best Souvenirs to Bring Home

#5 Egyptian Cartouche Souvenirs

One of the best things to buy from Egypt in my opinion is an Egyptian souvenir of a cartouche. There are jewelry shops that can put your name on a cartouche in just a few hours and it makes a great souvenir from your visit to Egypt.

If someone was to ask me what to buy in Egypt, It would be a cartouche. We each got a cartouche made with our names. They have various prices and materials. They are a small keepsake that you can wear and show off. Look for the silver to be stamped with 925, otherwise, it probably is not silver.

If you are on a Luxor Tour, your guide will likely suggest a shop to you.

#6 Perfumes

Egypt is known for its perfumes. Often I am asked “what is famous in Egypt for shopping?” and perfumes is often one of my top answers.

There are small shops right outside Giza that will let you go in and smell the perfumes and tell you all about the sourcing of perfumes in Egypt. It is definitely interesting and we came home with a few small bottles ourselves.

A small bottle makes a great Egyptian gift to get your friends and is only a few dollars. 

Perfumes and scented oils are also popular souvenirs in Dubai. If you are planning on visiting the Emirate, have a read of my post on What to buy in Dubai.

Papyrus Egypt Souvenirs
There are hundreds of beautiful Egyptian designs made on Papyrus that you can purchase in Egypt. If you want to know what to buy in Egypt to hang on your wall, this would be my suggestion.

#7 Papyrus Egyptian Gifts

Papyrus is a material similar to paper that was used in Egypt as a writing surface. It comes from the papyrus plant that was once abundant in the Nile Delta.

Today, you can find papyrus shops that will show you how the paper-like surface was made in ancient times and purchase beautiful artwork depicting Egyptian gods and daily life in Ancient Egypt.

The one thing I regret from our visit is not staying long enough to do a Nile Cruise. We are already planning to go back and will be doing this one. It offers good food and accommodations and great guides. Those are all the important things!

#8 Glass Sand Bottles

If you are wondering what to buy in Egypt or want a cute gift, the glass sand bottles make a great souvenir.

Artists will craft them for you and watching their craft is something fascinating in itself. Sometimes they will use authentic colored sand, and other times the sand will be dyed to create dynamic colors. Have your name engraved, or the date of your visit, to commemorate your vacation.

Egypt Things to Buy: Chiclets may only be found in Egypt Now!
No Chiclets did not make my top 10 list of what to buy in Egypt, but you CAN buy them in Egypt and my kids loved them!

Considering a Nile Cruise? Check out this one  or this one

#9 Mini Water Pipe / Shisha Pipe / Hookah Pipe

Arabs love their tea and their shisha. You will find locals with their sweet tea and shisha outside restaurants and coffee shops.

Look for a small one that will fit in your suitcase.

It will make quite the conversation piece in your home and will remind you of the sweet apple aroma outside local restaurants. If you want to know what to buy from Egypt, a mini water pipe is a great choice!

#10 Egypt Mini Pyramid Souvenirs

You can get mini pyramids for as little as a few American Dollars. If you want to bring home something small, this is a great option. It is probably one of the most popular things to buy in Egypt.

They are made of several types of materials and the price ranges will depend on what they are made of.

The cheapest ones will likely be Chinese imports, but if it is Egyptian made is not important to you, that is a sure way to save some money. While browsing the souq, keep your eye out for these little treasures, they make a great gift! We grabbed the three-pack that also had a sphinx from a souq in Luxor.

BONUS: Egyptian Inlay Work

Egyptian boxes with intricate inlay work are popular souvenir gifts from Egypt for those who love trinkets. Popular materials are bone, mother of pearl and ivory pieces.

BONUS: Egyptian Ankh

The Egyptian ankh is another popular Egyptian souvenir. It represents eternal life and when you give it as a gift, it shows that you want that person to live forever. One of the nice things about an Egyptian Ankh is it is relatively easy to pack souvenirs to bring back from your travels in Egypt.

BONUS: Book a Cairo Photoshoot and Take the Photo Memories Home

Did you know you can book a local photographer in Cairo? It is easy! If you believe that memories make the best souvenirs, then book a photo shoot before your trip! If you use the code LINDSAY you will get $25 off your booking as well! Click here to search and book a photoshoot in Egypt!

Egypt Souvenirs Conclusion: What to Buy in Egypt

I hope these Egyptian souvenirs have given you some ideas of things to buy in Egypt on your upcoming trip.

A note on Ancient Egypt Souvenirs. You cannot legally export certain antiquities from Egypt. Be careful with export laws and know what you are buying. While I had no problem getting my canopic jars out of Egypt into Jordan, when I left Jordan, their customs took a long time ensuring that they were not in fact ancient artifacts.

Shopping is an experience in itself and sometimes the pushy salesmen can get really annoying. It is best just to ignore them, if you are walking past, and do not feel pressured to buy anything you do not want.

It is hard to find out what a “fair” price to pay is, but the general consensus is to pay what you think is far. I WAYYYYYY overpaid for a “robaba” instrument for my son, but it was still inexpensive and it was not from a vendor who had been bugging me so I was happy to give him my business.

Part of my travels in Egypt is about spending my money in an economy that so needs it. If you have always dreamed about Egypt, now is the time to go!

Check out these tour options for travelers who want an ethical and off-the-beaten-path experience. Enjoy your travels and do let me know in the comments what Egyptian souvenirs you brought back from your trip!

Like what you read? Do you know what Egypt souvenirs you plan to buy when you visit? Check out my series of “What to Buy” souvenir posts on: Greece, Turkey, Dubai, and Canada


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  1. scg says:

    Pictures of each item would have been great! But I’ll look them up.

  2. Larry says:

    I bought some alabaster carvings and a good quality Egyptian cotton shirt in Luxor and we bought a papyrus print at one of the papyrus print shops in Cairo. We also bought oils at a perfumery shop in Aswan.

  3. Mansi - Travels galore says:

    Thanks very much for sharing interesting tidbits. The souvenirs look quite lovely. Would you possibly know what’s the pricing range for these souvenirs both in Egypt and Jordan ( of course we will haggle)
    Also do we carry cash USD, EUR ,JD, local EGP etc or would they accepts credit cards.
    Many thanks 🙂

    • Michelle says:

      @Mansi – Travels galore, I had both USD and Egyptian pounds. Dollars are good for bathrooms 2 people/$1 gets you toilet paper. Lots of markets quote you in dollars. I paid @120 for a silver and gold letter cartouche at the gift shop in our Cairo hotel after finding out from my fellow travelers. I had overpaid for a 18k gold one on our cruise ship. I paid 570$ I think I should have paid half. I was told that I overpaid for a t-shirt @12$ / 200 EP Our guide said they were going for @ $6/ 50 EP. I could get multi pack spices @10 but questioned how fresh and bought Saffron for @12/ 200EP. Probably could have bought cheaper but it was a fair price. I am not good at haggling and surely you will do better. I figured out what was a fair price for me. I was upset that I did not pack shorts and had worried too much over conservative dress for women. Hope this helps.

    • Hi Mansi – prices are going to vary a lot. Selection is going to vary by country. You cannot find canopic jars in Jordan for example. Major currencies are accepted (especially USD), the large shops take credit cards. I tend to try and pay in the local currency if possible but the shops quickly convert for you if need be.

  4. Rajan M. R says:

    It’s worth information I got from you. I Am visiting Egypt coming April 2019.

  5. Jason Jordon says:

    great post and beautiful picture and this information very good. thank you

  6. Bianca says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this post! How to get them all and ship would be a problem i’d Like to have!

  7. Arunima Dey says:

    Wonderful post! Heading there soon, will probably get a mini pyramid!

  8. LOL the hooka pipe. Defs not the souvenir for me. I preferred to buy the papyrus when I was in Egypt.

    • hahah its not for everyone, but looks cool on a bookshelf! I havent found the perfect one that fits in a suitcase yet though, so I only have a mini-one for now!