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What to Buy in Hawaii: Your Guide to the Best Hawaiian Souvenirs

This post has everything you need to know to get the best Hawaiian souvenirs on your visit to the beautiful Hawaiian Islands. Do you want to know what to buy in Hawaii? Well, Hawaii is known for quite a few things: Macadamia nuts, pineapples, Hawaiian print shirts, Kona coffee and colourful flowers. These are turned into the most popular things to buy in Hawaii including calendars, coffee mugs, magnets and other Hawaiian gifts. Keep reading this post on the best souvenirs from Hawaii so you know what to look for and what to buy in Hawaii.

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What to Buy in Hawaii: Your Guide to the Best Hawaiian Souvenirs


Macadamia Nuts

Macadamia Nuts are atop the list of the best souvenirs from Hawaii because they are easy to pack, plentiful and make one of the best gifts from Hawaii to share with your family and friends. Whether you like chocolate covered, salted or flavoured, there are plenty of options to bring home. I consider them to be the best gifts to bring back from Hawaii. They also make a great snack while you are in Hawaii.

Another snack you should not miss in Hawaii is “Mochi” – a Japanese treat with a Hawaiian spin. There are several types and flavors. I suggest you check out Foodland and try the peanut butter ones, as well as the varieties from the bakeries in Hawaii! You can read my posts on Foods to try in Hawaii here.

Aloha Shirts

Another one of the best souvenirs from Hawaii is the Aloha shirt. Considered “business dress” in the Islands, you are unlikely to find many workers who are not sporting their company’s own Aloha shirt! They are available everywhere and you will fit right in wearing one to dinner!

the Best Hawaiian Souvenirs

Anything with a plumeria on it makes a great hawaiian souvenir

Hawaiian Jewellery

There are many types of Hawaiian jewellery that you can buy in Hawaii. Whether it is small flip flops on a necklace or locally handcrafted pieces, pick these up for the women in your life! Whether kids, teens or adults, they make great gifts and are small and lightweight for transportation! A popular choice is anything with a plumeria on it. A plumeria is the white flower with the yellow centre


Hawaii is known for its Vanilla Macadamia nut flavoured coffees but also for its Kona coffee. check the packing as some places sell 10% Kona coffee while others have 100% Kona coffee. If you want to know what to buy in Oahu to bring back for a teacher or friend, a package of coffee is usually what I would recommend.


A Ukulele is another one of the popular things to buy in Hawaii. They come in plenty of colors and designs and are available as an inexpensive souvenir to a professional style instrument. If you actually want it to make a good sound, skip the cheap ones at the ABC stores and get yourself a decent one. If you want to know what to bring back from Hawaii for a small child, the cheap ones should do the trick. I bought them on our first day for my boys when they were 3 and 1 and they made great toys during our visit, from stroller rides to playing in the hotel room, and they now sit on their shelves as a Hawaii souvenir from the past

What to buy in Hawaii

Things to buy in Hawaii include souvenirs featuring the “honu” (hawaiian for turtle)

Beach Towel

A beach towel is one of the practical things to buy in Hawaii on your visit. Some hotels do not want you to take towels to the beach and other places do not even offer beach towels, so grab yourself a big colourful one for lounging in Waikiki’s soft sand or for drying off after a swim.

Christmas Ornament

If you are looking for things to buy in Oahu, head to the Christmas ornament store or keep an eye on the many gift shops for a ton of different options when it comes to ornaments. If buying an ornament on your travels is one of your traditions, you will not have a hard time finding them in Hawaii!


From .88 to 9.99 you can find calendars all over Hawaii. They are on of the best souvenirs from Hawaii because they are flat and easy to bring home with you. They are also easy to mail to friends and family instead of postcards! You can find them just about anywhere, from ABC stores to hotel gift shops to Longs drugs and more!

Coffee Mugs

Enjoying your morning cup of coffee with a beautiful Hawaiian flower, or Waikiki sunset or hula girl makes being home just a little more bearable does it? It also brings back wonderful memories of hot coffee on the lanai on your Hawaiian vacation. They are popular Hawaii souvenirs and are found just about anywhere!

Tropical Preserves

There is nothing better than fresh local fruits in Hawaii. Whether you love the papaya, pineapple, mangos or guavas the locally made preserves are just about as close as you can get to enjoying those fruits in Hawaii. You can find them at local markets and grocery stores all over the Hawaiian islands. I suggest you grab some passionfruit or guava.


Hawaiian Islands Silhouettes

The Hawaiian Islands make an extremely recognizable silhouette. You can find them on t-shirts, fridge magnets, car window stickers, place mats, coasters and even tattoos. If you love the Hawaiian Islands, why not bring home a silhouette of your favourite vacation spot.

Photos as the best souvenirs from Hawaii

Photos of your trip make amazing souvenirs. But do not keep them trapped on your phone or your memory card. Make the effort to print these memories or make a photo book. It might be one of the best souvenirs from Hawaii and will last for years to come. If you have kids like me, they LOVE looking at photo books as it sparks memories from trips gone by.

Best Souvenirs from Hawaii

After you have bought the best souvenirs from Hawaii, take a drive around the island and enjoy some of the best beaches int eh world! This is a favorite park for us, at Chinaman’s Hat at Kualoa Park

Where to buy the Best Hawaiian Souvenirs

Hawaiian Souvenirs are on every corner of Waikiki, or at least it seems that way. And most grocery stores have a souvenir section. Check out Costco, Longs Drugs, Walmart, Target, ABC Stores, craft fairs and farmer’s markets. If you are staying on Oahu, visit the Aloha Stadium swap meet for tons of souvenir vendors

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