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Top Airplane Snacks for Kids from Toddlers to Teens [2024]

Are you looking for the best airplane snacks for toddlers? Or perhaps you have older children and are on the hunt for some unique airplane snacks for kids? Are you wondering what snacks can I bring on the plane? Airplane travel can be stressful for parents. But it does not have to be!

One of the best ways to keep young kids entertained while on a flight or a road trip, is food!

If you are looking for the best airplane snacks for toddlers or snacks for kids on a plane, this is the right post for you.

I usually pack A LOT of good travel snacks. I mix it up between healthy travel snacks and some treats but make sure you do not pack too much salty stuff. Salt makes kids thirsty, which means more bathroom trips (and we all know these always happen at the most inopportune time – when the seatbelt sign is on, or when the plane is headed down the runway!). Keep reading below for my favorite kids travel snacks, whatever their ages!

2024 Guide to the Best Airplane Snacks for Kids

Updated 2023 list of airplane snacks for kids and toddlers.

Travel snacks for toddlers and the best snacks for toddlers on plane are the most popular searches I have come across. Maybe because from about ages 1 to 5, snacks make great entertainment on a road trip or a flight! With more and more flights not offering meals, I also include kids, teens and something for mom and dad!

Travel Packing Containers for Kids

I wanted to start off with the container we use on our toddler airplane snacks. When I first wrote this post, our boys were 3 and 1, we loved the Innobaby products, especially the Packin Smart snack cups for toddlers, for its compact size and its clear plastic. They do not seem easy to find online anymore, but there is a great replacement option below!

stacking snack container for travel

Stacking Containers

These storage containers for kids snakcs are great for small quantities of raisins, cheerios, puffs and melts (always cater to your child’s age when choosing snacks). My three year old loves the tall tower and getting to choose what he wants to eat. My one-year-old is occupied with trying to pull out the snacks through the small hole of the Innobaby toddler snack cup.


These containers fit great into the side of a backpack or any water bottle holder! With separate containers, the Innobaby containers gives a few options for travel snacks for toddlers, and they do not spill when dropped, compared to a traditional bowl.

Every extra minute you can occupy them while traveling is usually a good thing!

I also like that my toddler can’t dump them everywhere; because of the small hole, they come out slower than using a bowl. It also works great for formula so you can pre-measure what you will need for your trip! After you go through these airplane snacks for toddlers, check out my popular post on airplane activities for babies, toddlers and preschoolers!

Travel Food for Toddlers and Airplane Snacks for 1 Year Old includes fishy crackers
One of the popular snacks for toddlers on plane are fishy crackers. While they sit still a bowl can work, but travel food for toddlers is much easier contained in one of those innobaby containers!
Skip Hop snack containers for airplane snacks

Skip Hop Containers

Skip hop also has a toddler snack cup that comes in its always adorable animal styles! I recently got my hands on one of these for my girlfriend’s son! I also highly suggest these for your airplane snacks for toddlers.


Airplane snacks for toddler - Skip hop makes a great snack container - it doesnt spill when used as a ratttle
Here is the skip-hop container in action! It doesn’t spill when your baby decides to use it as a rattle and has an easy-to-grab handle that makes it a snack container and a toy!
Munchkin snack cup for airplane toddler snacks.

Munchkin Cups

Little ones often like the Munchkins snack catchers as they can reach in themselves. If you do get these, go with the Munchkin brand. I have tried a knockoff brand, and the lid DID NOT stay attached!


Snacks for kids on a plane

 Airplane Snacks for Toddlers

Travel food for toddlers is a popular topic for any parent planning a vacation. Whether it is road trip food or plane snacks for toddlers, keep this list handy. I have started with good airplane snacks for toddlers as it is a pretty popular search category. Feel free to skip to the next section if you have babies or older kids!

#1 Puffs

These are fun to pick up one by one and they melt easily (but they are a bit sticky). They are popular airplane snacks for a 1 year old.

Some younger babies love these too! Pack up one or two tiers of your [easyazon_link keywords=”innobaby packing smart” locale=”US” tag=”cadiouwa-20″]innobaby packing smart[/easyazon_link] with puffs and you have a snack and entertainment for your little one. Do not forget the wipes for the tray table and their fingers afterward!

#2 Cut up Grapes

This one was a favorite of my little ones.

It was something that kept my toddler’s full and did not make them thirsty! Fill a small container with these on your next road trip or flight! We slice ours into quarters to minimize any choking risk. If you are traveling internationally, do not pack any fresh fruits as they may cause issues at immigration!

#3 Pouches

Even 3 year olds will have apple sauce and other snacks from a pouch when we travel!

These make great airplane snacks for kids and have way less chance of spillage (plus you don’t need to carry a spoon).

A word of caution:  beware of toddlers squeezing them before they get to their mouth! (yes we have had that happen on occasion!). I tend to put the spout up to their mouth then give them the rest of it! Here is one of our favorites: [easyazon_link identifier=”B00PDN097S” locale=”US” tag=”cadiouwa-20″]Fruit and Veggie Variety Pack[/easyazon_link]

#4 Cheerios

Fill your[easyazon_link identifier=”B003MUA5NM” locale=”US” tag=”cadiouwa-20″]Innobaby Packin Smart[/easyazon_link] with cheerios for your toddler, it’s a popular one! These are the easiest airplane snacks for 1 year old as most people already have them at home!

#5 Sandwiches

They do not make much of a mess and are staples for kids. A Tupperware container will make sure they don’t get squished in your toddler’s carry-on. We usually do grilled cheese as there is no chance of sticky jam going everywhere. I also try and stay away from peanut butter as much as possible in case there are any passengers with allergies on board!

#6 Gold Fish Crackers or Annie’s Bunnies

A staple in most mom’s kitchens, this travel food for toddlers came on every trip with us when my boys were young! If your little ones like Gold Fish crackers, ensure you bring some on your travels!

#7 Granola bars

Granola Bars and cereal bars make great snacks for kids on planes. Make sure to pick the kinds that do not get squished (and mom and dad can munch on them too). We love Kids cliff bars (oatmeal cookie are my kids favorite and I am happy to munch on one too!)

#8 Dried fruits

These toddler snacks for airplanes are light, and take up less space than packing an apple! But be careful on international flights about their policies on food and make sure to always declare them to customs if you pre-clear customs before your flight! (or on arrival if you haven’t eaten them all!)

#9 Freeze dried fruits

Strawberries are my kid’s favourites! They almost melt in your mouth so are great for toddlers, and the big kids love them too! These have quickly become my healthy snacks for kids on the go when I can’t get my hands on fresh strawberries!

#10 Pre-Packaged Crepes

These are new in our arsenal for snacks for traveling in the car! But they are also great snacks for kids on airplane.

Yes, a bit sweet and not part of our healthy plane snacks, but something for your kids to munch on and they come in individual packages! I hope they are something that you have not thought of and that they will refresh your snack arsenal.

#11 Cheese Strings or Babybel Cheese

While I do not always pack these if it is going to be a long day, they are perfect snacks for traveling in the car, while waiting at the airport or on the plane! They are mess free, and the little ones love the little string cheese octopus!

#12 Yogourt Covered Pretzels

While I consider these a for older kids, they make good airplane travel snacks for kids, or even for adults! Pack a couple small bags in your carry-on on your next trip!

#13 Special Toddler plane snacks they do not get a home

Flights are long and boring. Keeping kids entertained means less stress for mom’s (and dad’s). Maybe yogourt or chocolate covered raisins, or other snacks from the junk section of the grocery store.

Best Plane Snacks for Toddlers and Babies

Airplane Snacks for Babies

When you are flying with babies, you are going to need to bring your own snacks. It is almost impossible to get baby food unless you are flying internationally. But even then, an unfamiliar brand might not appeal to your little one! Pack some of these baby plane snacks for your flight.

#1 Puffs

These are fun to pick up one by one and they melt easily (but they are a bit sticky). They are popular airplane snacks for babies who are learning how to pick up things.  Pack up one or two tiers of your stacking container with puffs and you have a snack and entertainment for your little one.

#2 Pouches

Avoid the glass jars and lids when you can squirt these right into your baby’s mouth. Worst case scenario, you squirt onto a spoon, but it is easier to transport, and lighter than a baby food jar!

#4 Cheerios

Fill your stacking container with cheerios for your baby that wants a bit more texture than a puff.

#5 Baby Mum Mums

A staple in the pantry at home, bring some mum mums with you on your next flight. Keep the wipes handy for sticky messes afterward. These entertain babies, help with sore teeth, and can be good descent if they do not want to suck on a bottle to help with ear pressure changes.

#6 Freeze dried fruits

Strawberries are my kid’s favourites! They almost melt in your mouth so are great for babies, but toddlers and the big kids love them too! These have quickly become my healthy snacks for kids on the go when I can’t get my hands on fresh strawberries!

#6 Cheese Strings or Babybel Cheese

While I do not always pack these if it is going to be a long day, they are perfect snacks for those who like to really knaw on something. I like that they do not leave sticky messes!

Snacks for toddlers on a plane

Traveling with Milk and Liquids

A note about liquids and traveling with your child. I have never had a problem bringing liquids over 100ml through security, whether in the United States or International destinations. Sometimes, they want to open things to test, which is annoying if you need a product sealed. But do not despair, if you are traveling with formula, you can bring water bottles, you can also bring tetra packs of milk or bottles with milk.

When it comes to food pouches, I always try to get the ones under 100ml to be safe, but I have brought the larger ones through.

Sometimes extra screening of parents and children is required, but I find this really varies by airport. Just be patent, the agents are only doing their jobs, and many have kids, they understand the stress of traveling families!

Airplane Snacks for Kids and Travel Snacks for Kids

Travel Snacks for Teens and Parents

Now that the toddler snacks for planes are out of the way, let’s move on to mom and dad and the older kids. Keep older kids occupied with a bit of technology and snacks and your flight should be a breeze. Also, consider adding these to your bag to make sure you are not hungry during the flight!

  1. Mentos – these are great for take-off and landing
  2. Starburst – these are good and bad, they are single packed, but that occupies kids to open them. I pack a ziplock bag for garbage and keep it at our seat for the flight, it handles all of the wrappers
  3. Sandwiches – pack yourself a sandwich for your flight
  4. Pre-packaged crepes – I mentioned these in the toddler section, but they are great for older kids and mom and dad too!
  5. Pringles – these travel well, they fit in a backpack’s water bottle holder
  6. Grapes – these offer a little extra moisture, I do not recommend a lot of fruit as international travel has restrictions on fresh foods coming into the country. If you do preclearance, you even lose these fresh fruit items before you leave the airport (and are subject to additional screening)

Additional Tips for Flying with Kids

  • Whether babies, toddlers or older kids Always pack more than you think you will need. Flight delays or baggage delays can happen at any time, and we try to avoid hungry kids at all costs! An extra snack to sit them down while you grab the bags off the carousel will go a long way and keep your stress-level down!
  • Keep in mind that you may be on a flight where someone has a peanut allergy and you may be asked not to eat or open anything with nuts. While this is rare, I have had it happen to me twice and learned the hard way not to pack peanut butter M and M’s. So while I do mention sandwiches and peanut butter travels so great, ensure you have something else in hand just in case!
  • If you are bringing a car seat on vacation, check out our guide on choosing the best car seat travel bag. We always choose to bring our car seat and booster seat when we will be renting a car because I know how to install them, I know they are comfortable and clean and I know they are not expired and meet current requirements.
  • Do not forget a sippy cup or water bottle.
  • Pack a change of clothes. Because sometimes spills and accidents happen when you are traveling with children. And do not just pack for the kids, ensure you have a change of clothes for yourself, because those spills are not always just on your little ones!
  • Ok now that food is taken care of, check out the best airplane activities for kids here.
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  1. Claire Robert says:

    Great suggestions. I think in this day and age we really should be thinking about packaging that isn’t plastic. Every piece of plastic we’ve ever used is still out there and will be for hundreds or thousands of years. Better suggestions would be canvass bags, lightweight metal bento boxes, beeswax paper wraps, paper bags, etc. There are myriad better choices and it’s our responsibility to our kids to do better for the environment!!

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    Fantastic post! Thanks for sharing!

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  6. Hi Lindsay!

    Looks like you’ve cracked the code lol! When our kids were a bit younger (seems so long ago now) we did the same thing – pack lots of snacks and things to nibble on. Let’s face it, it’s also a good way to keep adults entertained on long trips also. 🙂 Jelly Bellies are my personal fav (chuckle).

    Those Packin Smart containers are clever. Thanks for pointing those out!

    Safe travels!


  7. I don’t ever travel with kids, but if any of my readers ever ask me any questions about it I’ll definitely refer them to your post!

  8. Anda says:

    Very good advice for mothers traveling with small kids. In today’s flying conditions, when the airlines barely give you a free drink, it’s wise to have some snacks handy.

  9. Great list. While we don’t have kids right now, I know a certain husband who could use a sippy cup on the plane so he doesn’t spill his drink on me!

  10. Sue Reddel says:

    I don’t have to worry about feeding kids when I travel but I do always carry snacks for myself. I get hungry all the time and sometimes just having the right snacks makes the journey so much better. The snacks you pack for your kids look tasty and healthy – great choices.

  11. Lesley says:

    Great tips! I’m out of this stage with my daughter now but I love all the suggestions. 🙂

  12. Orana says:

    I always forget the sippy cups…and the extra clothes….
    Im going to start packing better!

  13. Love your last one–sippy cup! Though my children are now adults, when they were little, we even started taking sippy cups to restaurants! I can not count on two hands (it’s a number way past that) the number of times my own son and other children spilled drinks. I always made sure to bring new crayons or colored pencils and coloring books and paper. Plus, a few new travel games are always fun!

  14. Laura Lynch says:

    I don’t have little ones to pack for on the plane, but I truly admire mommies who have it all together like this. What a lucky little guy.

  15. Jennifer says:

    Great suggestions for traveling with young kids – very helpful!

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    Good tips!

  18. I’m learning so much about how to travel with kids since I’ve been exploring your website. Personally, I’m always eating so I do take such a bag full of snacks while flying haha. For me … with age, it seems nothing as changed.