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Best Dubai Sim Card for Tourists

Getting a local sim card in Dubai used to mean finding a cell phone shop, handing over your passport and waiting 20-30 minutes to have all of your information registered to a local sim card. But NO MORE! Now, in less than 5 minutes you can have an esim card loaded to your phone in Dubai and be on your way! No more wasting time before your holiday in Dubai begins!

Best dubai sim card for tourists esim from airalo.

Why You Need a Sim Card in Dubai?

Yes, dubai has some of the best public internet on the planet and you can easily get away without having data on your phone if you just plan on checking emails. But with rapidly advancing technoligy, QR code entrance tickets and ordering an uber on your phone comes the need for data! With an e-sim from Airalo you can order a car, access your attraction tickets, as well as share your trip with friends and family back home!

Best Dubai Sim Card

I recommend Airalo for a couple of reasons! First, it takes less than 5 minutes to set up, once you have used the app once, it can be set up for other countries (or reloading data) in about 30 seconds! I have used this app in about a dozen countries since 2022 and it has been seamless every single time!

Rates are unbeatable (where else can you have data for about USD5).

Don’t I Need a Phone Number?

Well, that depends on YOU. Do you NEED to recieve calls from someone who does not have a cell phone. I tell everyone to call me on What’s App. That way, they dial the same number I have at home and can reach me anywhere in the world over voice call, video call or by texts!

How to Get an ESim for Dubai?

Its easy, just go to Airalo’s site and download the app onto your phone!

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