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City Stroller Rentals Your ULTIMATE Disneyland Stroller Rental

City Stroller Rentals  Your ULTIMATE Disney Stroller Rental Anaheim


No matter how many times we have been to Disneyland, my hopes of our five year old walking and not getting tired are crushed every time.  I get it.  Those little legs get tired.  I am a hustler in the park, and there is no way she can keep up at times.  And frankly, sometimes, she just needs to take a seat, pull the shade, have a cold ice cream and take in the sights. She is old enough that we do not need a stroller in the airport, so the best stroller for Disneyland for our 5 year old is  from a baby equipment rental from the disney stroller rental company, City Stroller Rentals.

Here are my reasons why we recently rented our strollers from City Stroller Rentals in Anaheim this past September.


City Stroller Rentals Disneyland stroller rental

#1  We don’t need a stroller in the airport or at all normally, she’s a great walker.  However, putting in the miles at Disney in a day is tiring even for the best of us. So why have the hassle of dragging through the airport, gate checking, and possibly running the risk of damage? If you have younger children, read this guide to flying with a baby after you have finished this post!

#2  Delivered to your HOTEL free of charge. Yes!  When we arrived at the Courtyard Anaheim Theme Park Entrance – Marriott, they were there, waiting for us, locked up in the valet.  Absolutely perfect!  They were clearly labelled for us as well.

#3  100% sanitized. These strollers were impeccably clean.  Likely cleaner than my own at home.…  I was a bit concerned initially, but after I read about their rigorous cleaning policy , and the fact they showed up sparkling clean, I was put at ease immediately.

#4  Ease of return.  The strollers were returned to the same spot we picked up at our hotel, and picked up. Seamless.

#5  Many options to choose from to suit your needs  we chose to go with the City Mini GT.…  It had a weight capacity of 65lbs which included child and gear.  Our gear at this age is very minimal (snacks, water, sunscreen and change of clothes just in case).  These worked perfectly for us.  My daughter is tall 46” and nearly 50lbs!  These pushed like a dream, and held all our goodies for the day.…  The price range is very affordable as well.

If you are thinking you would rather buy a stroller and will be traveling with it often, consider some of these top travel strollers!


The kids were happy to hop in and go for a ride during the day, and on the way back to the hotel in the afternoon and the late evenings.…  It gave us an easy way to store our gear during the day ”“ no back packs ”“ yet!

City Stroller Rentals offers these types of stroller rentals: single, double, sit and stand, triple, quad and special needs. These stroller rental options are not available at Disneyland. For a Disneyland double stroller rental, or one of these other types, City Strollers is the way to go. AND they eve offer other popular baby equipment rentals such as pack n play rentals, high chair rentals and more! You can check out their nurses equipment rentals here.


It was so easy to reserve online ”“ zero hassle!…  I would 100% recommend City Strollers for your next visit to Disneyland or the Anaheim area.…  They do also offer other services and deliver to other locations in CA so they make a great choice for Universal Studios stroller rental as well.…  Jump on their website to see what they have to offer.

RENTAL TIP: Be sure to secure your rental early during peak season as they do get very busy.

So Can You Rent Strollers at Disneyland?


In a short answer, Yes. You can rent strollers outside the park entrance next to the kennel. Disney stroller rental cost is USD15 per day. So why do we chose a private stroller rental company in Anaheim. Well we WALK TO THE PARK. We stay in accommodations close to Disneyland… which means we are walking outside the security gates. At the end of the day, the last thing you want to be doing is dropping your stroller and carrying your kids back to the hotel. Your feet will be sore enough just from the miles you put on. Add a 50 lb 5 year old to that. No thanks!

Ready for… you Trip?… 

Here are a few things to Pack for Disneyland with a Toddler or Preschooler that you do not want to forget!

My biggest fear as a first time Disney mom was my toddler and line-ups. Isn’t that everyone’s fear? But Disneyland knows how to do things, and for the most part, it goes pretty smoothly. BUT, I did say, for the most part. So here is what I do. I throw everything in the bottom of my stroller and when we go on a ride, park it in the stroller parking and grab my bag. In my bag I keep these 5 things:

1. Water

I always have a refillable one… with me and pack a few bottles everyday. You can never have enough water. My kids really like these ones CLICK HERE.

2. Snacks

It can get pricey when you are buying snacks at Disneyland. I have never had a problem bringing some cereal bars and snacks into the park when travelling with little ones. Here is the snack holder I use CLICK HERE. It is also great for pre-measured formula. I also have this with me on the airplane. It is great because it gives my kids choices. Whether they are 2 or 5, they can choose from cheerios, fishy crackers or craisins and when they were really young I put puffs or yogourt melts into them!!

3. Small Toys

I have had a cubebot… in my purse for over two years and each time I bring it out, the kids are always happy to play with it! It is definitely something that has longevity in my purse! A… small fan with water bottle… is another idea to keep kids busy. For some reason, it is the funniest thing to spray mom and dad with these things! Do yourself a favour and get one on Amazon before you get to Disneyland. You will save a bunch of money! Another thing that my kids have got a kick out of for years is their own camera. I like this one… from Vtech.

If you want to read more Disneyland tips, click here and if you want some money saving tips, click here.


We would like to thank City Stroller Rentals for the opportunity to work together!

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Need a Stroller for your next Southern California or Disneyland Vacation? choose City Mini

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