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How to Breeze through Airport Security with Kids in Tow


How to Breeze Through Airport Security with Kids

Traveling with children and managing the stresses of airport security with kids can be daunting.But in reality, we have found it not too bad. Have a read and see how we keep our cool when dealing with airport security and kids

Airport security and Kids


If you have your baby in a wrap or carrier they will likely as you to take it off can just hand carry the baby through. I have found certain airports offer extra screening instead (such as wiping your hands for explosives etc). Usually if my babies were awake, I just took them out of my ergo.

In many airports we have been able to go into the handicap line as those passengers often take longer to pass security and a family with strollers and carseats and baby gear take a lot of time too!

You are able to bring just about as much liquids as you need through security as long as it is for the baby. Be prepared to open it though, so try and bring containers with screw on lids. We carry a carton of rice milk because my boys are lactose intolerant and we make sure to buy one with a screw on lid in case security wants to check it. if you have formula, I suggest a container from Innobaby, their tiered Packin’ Smart is great for pre-measuring out the amounts you need. You can bring sealed water bottles to mix your formula when you are ready to make bottles for your baby. (I always pack two bottles of water when my boys were babies anyways, its expensive to buy before you get on the plane and it’s nice to have something for the plane that has a lid because with kids, you know those glasses they offer on board don’t stand a chance! One mistake we made was bringing our Medela travel case with the ice pack. They took the ice pack away. Next time we would leave it at home, pack the bottles in a ziplock with ice and then pour out the ice before security. We were easily able to get ice at the restaurants on the other side of security. The plane also gave us ice and they are usually willing to warm bottles for you too! You just need to ask!


As for the actual airport security with kids part, we often have car seats and strollers that we choose to gate check. (You can read why we travel with car seats by clicking on the link) As we load our stuff on to the belts they take the items that will not fit into the belt and manually check them. They are often ready for us before we even get through the metal detector.


airport security with kids

I have found that the best way to get through security is just to be calm and not rush, explain the liquids (if any) that you have and let them do their job. Don’t argue when they ask to open something to test it, it’s just for everyone’s safety. And if you pack the right kinds of containers before you go, then you will not have a problem with spills or items getting spoiled.

You can also find useful information on security procedures for airports in the USA or Canada. If you are traveling abroad to other countries i highly suggest checking what is and what is not allowed through airport security before you leave for your trip.

If you ever in doubt ask! And that goes for the Cabin Crew too! They are their for your safety and will have the best information for pretty much any question that comes up!

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What has your security experience been like with kids? Have you found some country’s agents easier to deal with than others? would love to hear your experiences in the comments!

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airport security with kids


14 thoughts on “How to Breeze through Airport Security with Kids in Tow

  1. Lisa P

    I have found that most airports are generally really accommodating to families ( but not all!) they took away my ice pack for my milk once but i guess it was my fault for bringing it!

  2. Lisa P

    The thought of long line ups and security gives me nightmares! My kids don’t do well in lines! Thank you for the useful info! I often find myself panicked and rushed when they are standing there staring at you as if they are thinking ” why are you taking so long to take off those silly scrappy sandals you just had to wear!”

  3. Hitch-Hikers Handbook

    Useful tips! I don’t have kids yet and fortunately I never had to go through airport security with one (but I can imagine it could be hell), but following your strategies would definitely make things easier!

  4. Jen Joslin

    These sound like great tips. We don’t have kids yet, but this is inspiring me that when we do we won’t need to stop traveling, and maybe getting through the airport won’t be so bad!

  5. Natalie Deduck

    I didn’t have a clue how much work is to pass the security check with babies and kids… I normally don’t like to go through them anyway. I’m glad that some airports have a better and gentle approach.
    Safe travel,


  6. Dana

    Great tips! I totally agree with not rushing. We always allow for extra time when traveling with our kids. Even though they are older now, it’s still nice to not add the stress of needing to hurry through security with kids in tow.

  7. zof

    I’ve never traveled with kids. I don’t even have a kid yet, but I’m sure I’ll continue traveling when I have one. Great to know that airport staff is trying to make it easier for little travelers and their parents.

  8. Anda

    It must be quite difficult going through security with small children. I’ve seen some pretty ridiculous searches performed on 2-3 year old kids to the point where they were both in tears and scared to death. Some of the TSA personnel take their job too seriously, but they don’t search whom they should.

  9. Inma

    Have no kids or intention of having them.. anyway, will keep this in mind in case something changes in the future 😀

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