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Is it Worth Going to Fiji with Kids

I love to travel. Everyone who knows me that I will take my kids just about anywhere! They have been to multiple countries in every continent except Antarctica (and only one in South America). There is no flight too long, no country too culturally different that we will not visit.

With that being said, I understand that not everyone is like me. This post weighs whether you should go to Fiji with kids. I do not weigh it against going “without kids” because I have never been without kids, but I give you my review on what we found that was kid-friendly about the country!

With all of this information at hand, it should be easy to decide if it is the kind of place that your family would also enjoy!

Getting to Fiji with Kids

Travel to a destination is always a huge part of the deciding factor on where we go. Some trips are just a lot more accessible than others! With that being said, Fiji is accessible right from Vancouver where we live on a non-stop with Fiji Airways.

Here are some popular airports with nonstops to Nadi (NAN)

  • Sydney, Australia (5 hours)
  • Auckland, New Zealand (3 hours)
  • Brisbane, Australia (4 hours)
  • Los Angeles, USA (10 hours)
  • Melbourne Australia (6 hours)
  • Hong Kong (10 hours)
  • San Francisco, USA (10 hours)
  • Vancouver, Canada (11 hours)
  • Tokyo, Japan (9 hours)
  • Singapore (10 hours)
  • Papeete, Tahiti (4 hours)
  • Honolulu, USA (7 hours)

I rounded to the nearest hour for simplicity. There are other small cities but I did not want the list to be huge. These are all major airports where families may be traveling from.

But you may ask, Lindsay, 11 hours from Vancouver, that is a long time! And yes, it is a long time, but it is no longer than trying to get to the Caribbean from Vancouver which typically requires a connection in Toronto before heading south.

The other reason I love the flight from Vancouver is that it leaves at night and arrives in the morning (2 days later). The time change is much easier to manage than an evening flight from Vancouver to Europe where the flights do not leave early enough to get much sleep and time wise you arrive mid day. Anyways, for anyone who can get a bit of sleep on a plane, its great!

So thats one big plus for me to take the kids to Fiji!

How much does it cost to fly to Fiji from Vancouver?

It is about CAD1000 per person on sale (and kids under 12 are about 800). Fiji Airways has sales a lot. Follow their social media to catch them! The regular price is about CAD1500 per person.

shallow water in fiji
reef sharks fiji
family friendly beaches in fiji

Accommodations in Fiji

This is always so hard to suggest because everyone has their preferences. Fiji also has over 300 islands meaning you can have remote and private or close to towns and locals! I am lucky that Worldmark has a timeshare property there, so that is where we have stayed. If you have access to the Worldmark timeshares, it is a great property for a vacation!

However, there are dozens of hotel chains for all budgets. There are Marriotts and Hiltons for those who are loyal to certain brands. One thing to keep in mind is the location of the airport and the distance to your hotel. Some are on surrounding islands and some are on the other side of the Island. For me personally, when I get somewhere, the last thing I want is a long transit time. The kids need to burn off some energy!

One of the big pluses to me is that Fiji has accomodations for all budgets. One of the things to look out for is that not all accomodations in Fiji have elevators. We stayed in a 3 story walk-up while in Fiji. If you have mobility issues or are traveling to Fiji with a toddler or baby and do not want to be lugging it up stairs or even worse, waking a napping baby, try and arrange a ground-floor room to avoid the hassle of stairs.

daily sno cones in fiji
Daily Sno Cones in Fiji. Photo by Lindsay Nieminen

Snorkelling in Fiji with Kids

This was my kid’s favorite thing to do! 10 out of 10 as they say! We have snorkeled in the Middle East, in New Zealand, in Cyprus, in the Caribbean and this was their favorite. We took a day trip to Tuva Island and the water was so shallow snorkelling meant swimming AMONG the fish! There were also about a dozen baby reef sharks that were hanging out just offshore! Safe to say they asked to go back again the next day!

Cultural Activities with Kids

Several Fijian cultural activities can be found on the island. The kava ceremony is the most prolific as well as Polynesian dancing.

cultural fiji with kids

Fun Activities for Families in Fiji

For us living in Vancouver, the pool and the beach is enough to keep us busy for days, but if you want more activities, you can easily find them in Fiji. Our two favorites are below. Both were easy access from our accommodation. Next time we are going to try the Jet boats and ATVs!

Fijian Cultural Village: Explore what a traditional village looked like and the roles of the community. They offer pickup and dropoff in Denarau Island hotels, Nadi Airport area hotels, Wailolo area, and children 4 and under are free. Their show is impressive (the fire show is a hit of course) and the performers make it a lot of fun for everyone!

Day Cruise to Tivua Island: This was the absolute highlight for us. Despite the rainy weather on the way there, we saw baby reef sharks and rays right off-shore! The fish were everywhere! A snorkel dream! For families, there is a kids club so the rest of the family can snorkel. Children 2 and under are free. There is also volleyball and kayaking and paddle boards! It includes an open bar and lunch and there is white sandy beach all over the island! 

Family getaway to Fiji - Tivua Island
Enjoying the sandy beach and the baby sharks on Tivua Island. Photo by Lindsay Nieminen


This is the big one for me! I love warm weather. The average Max temp is around 29C and 31C and and average low temp is between 19C and 22C. The best months are March to December as the Rainy season is November to April. We were there in March for spring break and had one very wet day (it rained all day but was still warm!), other than that it was mostly sun and the occasional cloud.

vacation paradise for families in fiji
swimming in fiji
beach vibes in fiji

Language Barrier in Fiji

This is one of the easy ones. Fiji is very culturally different than Canada, but what is not different is the language. While Fijian is an official language, so is English (and Fijian Hindi). Everywhere you go, you will find people who speak English. There are a few Fijian words that you should learn before you go because you will hear them all day long.

Bula! (the louder the better!) – Hello!

Vinaka – Thank you

If you only remember those two phrases before you travel, you will fit right in!


This is the only not-so-great part about Fiji. Some of the coast (especially in the Denarau Island area – which has lots of hotels) do not have that nice of a beach. You need to day trip to one of the islands (which is easy because the marina is just a few minutes away and there is a shuttle) or stay on another part of the Island (or another island entirely).

The loacl bus in Fiji
Taking the local bus in Fiji


The food was pretty easy. Lots of various types of food. There are local markets and grocery stores for food as well. Food prices are cheaper than in Canada but not cheap. Resort prices for a Shirley Temple were FJD$10 (USD4.50) and a side of fries FJD$8 (USD3.50). A salad for lunch was around $10. Resort pineapple was FJD$4 for one and in the market in town you could get 5 small ones for that price. Even FJD$4 is cheaper than home so we didn’t mind that we bought one in the resort grocery store. Other grocery items in town are also cheap – bread was FJD$1.20 for a loaf. I had thought things like Peanut Butter and other imports would be very expensive (that was our experience traveling to the Cook Islands when I was a teenager). But they were not. They were almost the same price as at home.

Hope that gives you a bit of an idea. It varies. We had a kitchen so had eggs and toast for breakfast each day and then ate out for lunch and dinner. We spent about USD100 per day on food having lunch and dinner out for the three of us. Having a place with a kitchen kept the breakfast costs down.

dining in fiji
shopping in fiji

Overall should you take kids to Fiji?

Absolutely. Book a week’s flight (that gives you 5 nights there). We did a Friday to Friday (you arrive Sunday morning when crossing the International date-line. Then we leave Friday night and arrive home Friday afternoon. The kids loved the idea of getting to do Friday twice!

Fiji has family-friendly accommodations, plenty of food options and it is easy to keep kids happy at the beach! There are resort-style amenities for those who want beach volleyball or pool volleyball and there are swim-up bar relaxation for those who want to enjoy the warm weather.

Fijians are very friendly and hospitable to visitors. The cuisine is easy – full of fresh foods, familiar foods, and also an infusion of Indian recipes. There is no language barrier for English speakers as it is spoken everywhere.

Snorkelling and diving is among some of the best in the world and the white sand beaches are idyllic.

There is so much to do. Find adrenaline activities on land and water or enjoy the peaceful quiet spots. Whatever your travel style is, you can find it in Fiji!

If you are wanting to break up a trip to Australia or New Zealand, you can add a few day stopover on Fiji as well!

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