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Five Stunning Island Vacation Destinations the World has to Offer!

The opportunity to travel is one of the biggest gifts you can be given in life. We’re actually spoilt for choice, with the number of wonderful destinations around the globe. Of course, city breaks often appeal: Who hasn’t dreamed of living it up in New York or visiting the city of light, Paris?  

Fact is, a city break away doesn’t necessarily provide the relaxation and recuperation that some of us require. The alluring characteristics of an island adventure with its pristine beaches, rich cultures, and untouched pockets of wilderness are simply unbeatable. Instead of sipping rum cocktails from your back garden or whiling away the time on your smartphone playing Candy Crush or Extra Juicy slots, why not get yourself there in real life and enjoy an island vacation of a lifetime? In order to provide some inspiration in terms of potential destinations, below is a look at some of the most stunning options the world has to offer right now. 

Santorini Greece Pool


A massively popular destination in Greece at the moment, Santorini is a favorite getaway destination for so many. Particularly well-liked with newlyweds, the island is known for its delicious wine, fresh cuisine, and rich history, thanks to the option of visiting the remains of ruined city Akrotiri. Due to its volcanic surroundings, the island is famous for its red and black sand beaches too. The truly breathtaking view of the caldera is a feast for the eyes also. 

The British Virgin Islands

In terms of tropical gorgeousness and an all-around beautiful setting, the Caribbean will always be up there with the very best. Some of it, though, has become commercial and is not as untouched as other parts of the region, such as the British Virgin Islands. The British Virgin Islands is one of the least developed islands of the Caribbean and offers the relaxation and seclusion that many other islands in the area simply don’t. With its stylish villas, superb restaurants, and fresh and tasty food and drink, the British Virgin Islands is well worth considering. 


The tiny Italian island of Capri offers holidaymakers a sense of luxury that you’d expect the Italians to know all about. With its quality resorts and quaint shops, the island and its famous blue waters have been attracting visitors for decades. Capri is certainly a paradisiacal destination in every sense, from its crystal clear waters to its breathtaking views. There are so many natural wonders worth exploring on the island too, potentially best enjoyed by boat. You can also eat in some delicious restaurants, visit museums, and hike to the Natural Arch. Capri has something for everyone. 


(Image via


A Thai island that is just an hour’s plane ride away from the city’s capital Bangkok, Phuket is a fantastic location to consider, especially when you factor in the relatively inexpensive prices compared to other destinations. With its golden beaches and clear water, you’ll be able to relax with ease on this truly magical island. Spa treatments, boat tours, and gorgeous street food are worth experiencing in peace also. 


A trip to the Maldives doesn’t come cheap but it’s most definitely worth the money. With its picture-perfect accommodation options and crystal clear blue waters, the natural beauty on offer in the Maldives is unbeatable. A favorite with honeymooners and thrill-seekers in particular, the island offers relaxing beach vibes and spas as well as some great activities to enjoy like scuba diving and snorkeling. You can even stay at an underwater hotel, too.

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