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Are Jerusalem Hostels Family Friendly?

As a family traveler, hostels are not often on my radar when I am planning my trips. But when I started researching the best way to see Jerusalem, I came across Abraham Tours, who are well known for their variety of tours in Israel and neighbouring countries. After looking at their tours and browsing for places to stay in Jerusalem, I found their private family rooms at the popular Abraham Hostels.

Are Jerusalem Hostels Family Friendly?


I had to find out for myself.

I am not sure why I had this vision of dark and run down, but for some reason I had the wrong ideas about hostels and bringing kids to them! After looking at the pictures of Abraham Hostels and their proximity to downtown, it made me decide it was a good idea to give it a chance! And I am sure glad I did. We arrived to Jerusalem via the Allenby Bridge crossing from Jordan and it was super convenient to get to!


Our bright and roomy Family Room at Abraham Hostels. Its central location made it a great choice for exploring Jerusalem.


Our room was bright and big! One of the things I look for when selecting a family-friendly accommodation is SPACE! The MORE the BETTER! Our room had 4 beds a small sitting area and plenty of floor space! And the nice thing about hostels is the huge common area! My kids instantly made themselves at home!


Game time in the lounge of Abraham Hostels Jerusalem! Both of my kids are chatty and they had not problems making conversation with the adults in the lounge. We also saw other families everyday and the kids enjoyed the fuseball table!


Abraham Hostels Family Rooms

The Abraham Hostel’s family room has 4 beds and the two twins pushed together make a nice king size bed. 

You will also find

  • Ensuite bathroom with a shower
  • Storage lockers and space to hang jackets etc
  • Small sitting area
  • Towels and linens provided
  • Room cleaned daily

The view from our room of the outside space at Abraham Hostels. There is also a rooftop space but it was being renovated while we were there.

What to expect at Abraham Hostels?

The staff are very friendly and they seem to be everywhere! If you have a question, there is always someone close by!

Breakfast is included in the rate and the kitchen is HUGE with plenty of cutlery. There is tea and coffee making supplies available all day! (but bring your own milk if you have to have milk)

Breakfast is included in the price and included typical Mediterranean staples as well as toast, cereal and a great Expresso machine!

There is a bar that is open it in the evenings (after 6 pm) that also serves pizza. The lounge has lots of room to sit and eat or chat, as well as fuseball and pool tables.

There is also a rooftop lounge area but it was having some work done while we were there.

The Lounge was lively but there was always somewhere to sit! The nice thing about staying here was that there were plenty of people doing some of the same daily tours!

Luggage storage was no fuss and there is laundry facilities available!

Traveler center provides information on the variety of Abraham Tours that are offered as well as the best things to do in Jerusalem.

We did the Old City Tour from Abraham Hostels to get an extensive overview of the old part of the City! There is also a free 2 hour walking tour that is offered! ask at the Traveller centre!

While hostel travel is not how we usually travel, our stay at Abraham Hostels has changed that mentality and we will definitely look into hostel accommodations in the future! If you are interested in booking a hostel in Jerusalem, you can book with Abraham hostels here.

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Abraham Hostels Review for Families

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