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Little Passports Review: A Trip around the World from your Livingroom

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Little Passports Review: A Great Learning Tool for Kids and a Unique Gift Idea!


My oldest son Mattias, just turned 4 and loves looking at maps. Whenever he is in Grannie”™s car he grabs the map book from the seat-back pocket and browses the streets, even though he cannot really read yet. But out of the 200 pages, he will flip right to the page where Grannie lives! He understands that we live in Canada and often asks about other countries and other cities. He has traveled quite a bit for being only just 4 years old. Before his first birthday he had been overseas to England and France and also had a weeklong trip to Las Vegas. Since then, we have visited Hawaii twice, Las Vegas again and lots of trips around BC and into Washington State.


The funniest comment he ever made about going on a trip was “is it still on our planet?” I guess they must have been learning about Earth and other planets in his Junior Kindergarten class at CEFA.

Mattias has always loved Maps

Mattias has always loved Maps

When I came across Little Passports, I thought it would be great for him! He loves suitcases and insists on packing his Trunki on each trip we take. So a little suitcase, a map and some great travel learning tools would be right up his alley.

Little Passports has several packages to choose from. We chose the World Edition for 6-10 year olds, he was a little young, but since countries and maps were his interests, we thought it would still be great! They also have an Early Explorers for 3-5 year olds, a USA Edition for 7-12 year olds and other seasonal products available.

Mattias getting Mail Carpe diem our way

The First Month”™s subscriptions arrived right before his birthday. With all of the excitement of presents and new toys we waited about a week to open it and make sure we had the time to really check it out. Mattias quickly dug into it and was very excited about the map. He spread it out on the floor and quickly pointed out Canada. We talked about our upcoming trip to Anacortes, WA and how that was in the United States, which was another country below Canada.

Mattias and Markus checking out the Map from Little Passports

Mattias and Markus checking out the Map from Little Passports

Pointing at Canada

Pointing at Canada

He went back into the suitcase and asked me what some of the things were. We read the letters together and stuck the stickers on his suitcase. His Little Brother Markus was really interested too, which almost turned into a fight over “whos” suitcase it was!


We cannot wait to get the next month”™s subscription to Little Passports and learn about one of the highlighted countries in the subscription (and I just got an email telling me it was on its way!) I”™m excited to show Mattias (and Markus) all about Brasil. They are pretty familiar with the name of the country because Markus loves the movie “Rio” and my husband”™s favourite World Cup Team is Brazil. With the Women”™s World Cup just wrapping up in Vancouver we have been cheering for the Brazilian Women (and Canada too of course!). Together we can point out the home of the birds in “Rio” and learn a bit more about the country together!


As I child growing up in the 80s, I loved all of the subscription based mail that was available back then, and I even remember a book I was given as a child about all of the free subscriptions you could sign up for, and how to properly mail your self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) to these companies. I swear I never sent a SASE but always received something in the mail. When I got the free stuff in the mail it was always an exciting day! I remember pamphlets on animals were my favorite!

Little Passports Passport Book from Carpe Diem our Way

Markus loves checking out anything new at our house!

If your children are interested in other countries or cultures, or just show interest at looking at maps, I think Little Passports would make a great gift! It is something that you could send to Grandchildren or Nieces or Nephews that live out of town (or even in town) and something that they can look forward to getting every month! You can click here to Sign up for Little Passports!

Click to Visit Little Passport’s Website

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35 thoughts on “Little Passports Review: A Trip around the World from your Livingroom

  1. karla

    I teach in a preschool. I once had my children explore with maps and it seems like they learn a lot.from it. They enjoyed learning about the continents, where we are in the map and all that. By then end of the lesson,they all submitted pictures of where they have been and through their friends, they all learned that there are other countries apart from the Philippines. I think maps are good gift ideas.

  2. kami

    that’s so smart! I wish we had toys like that when I was a kid! I always loved looking at maps but with Little Passport it’d be so much funnier!

  3. Sarah Ebner

    This really sounds like such fun – and educational too, which is a great combination! I also think receiving mail is something special, particularly these days.

  4. Mama Munchkin

    I loved this review. I have seen ads for these on facebook but wasn’t sure if my kids would really like them. After reading your review I am thinking the answer is a resounding YES!! Thank you for your story and photos.

  5. Meg Jerrard

    This sounds fantastic, thanks for a great review! My nephew is 6 and for Christmas we got him the Lonely Planet’s not for parents guide book to the world – he LOVED it! So we’ve been looking around for additional ideas like that – too many other people get them just toys which get thrown out, but I would really love to keep pushing a love for world experiecnes – maybe when he’s older he’ll turn into a traveller like his Aunt :D!

  6. Eileen g

    We had a subscription to this. My daughter liked getting the packages, but I frankly thought it was pricey for what was in the packages each month. The word games never grabbed her, some of the souvenirs were better than others. She liked putting the stickers in her passport and she liked some of the online games (some were interesting for only a minute or so). If you do subscribe you have to get at least 6 months because the first month is just the kit, no country. I held onto the postcard and word games thinking they might come in handy for class projects.

  7. Revati Victor

    I remember moving abroad as a kid and I’d always stare at the map and ask my parents loads of questions about where home was, and I’d get so excited about being allowed to fill up my own immigration form! So glad your lil ones are just as excited!

  8. Milosz Zak

    It’s great to awaken wanderlust at an early age, even if from the living room. It’s not so easy and affordable to travel nowadays, especially with the global economic malaise. I think this is a great idea, and a perfect way to start exposing children to the world.

  9. Nic from Roaming Renegades

    Oh, this is so cool! I used to love subscriptions as a kid and this would have been right up my street…tell you the truth I would still love collecting it now!! ha ha. So great to to be able to pass on that wanderlust to the kids as well as teaching them so much!

  10. noel

    Wow, what a perfect learning tool for children and it is so beautifully done in a sweat suitcase. I also love maps!

  11. Mia

    I love this idea! I would totally get this for my child, if I had one. I think it’s important for children to learn history and culture first hand and this is a cute way to get them interested.

  12. Casey O'Connell

    This is SO adorable!! I think it’s so important that kids learn about other culture and places in the world from a young age, and this seems like the perfect package to do that! I love the idea of inspiring young ones to travel. 🙂

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