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Planning a Trip to Jordan | Step-by-Step Guide to Keep You on Track

So you are planning a trip to Jordan? Amazing! It is one of my favorite places in the world and I actually have an entire site dedicated to planning the most amazing trip to Jordan! But since you landed here, keep reading! By the time you get to the bottom of this post, you will have the tools and resources to get started on the perfect trip!

Jordan is typically a once-in-a-lifetime trip, and this Jordan trip planner will help! I have planned trips for anyone who asks and have traveled the country several times in the last 6 years! Because the demand was so high for trip planning advice, I have created this guide for those that I could not personally help!

This will keep you on track to plan your own trip to Jordan, making sure you do not miss anything important!

Jordan trip planner.

Decide when to Visit Jordan

The first thing you need to think about is when you want to visit or when you can visit. The best time to visit Jordan is in the spring and fall, late March to June, and late September to November. This is when the weather is most favorable. With that being said, I would avoid Ramadan when visiting. There is nothing wrong with going to Jordan during Ramadan, but it does make some logistics more difficult. You also want to avoid the week of public holidays after Ramadan. This is when most Jordanians holiday around the country. I have never seen Amman quieter than the Eid-al-Fitr holiday.

Winter in Jordan can be quite cold. Colder than you might expect for a country in the Middle East. While many do visit during this time, it is considered low season. Hotels and guides are easy to book and crowds are minimal. Weather can be unpredictable, and expect rain. It can even snow in places like Amman and Petra. Petra is closed on rainy days due to the risk of flash floods. If you are coming to Jordan in winter, make sure you have some flexibility in your schedule.

Summer can be too hot for some, but for those who can only come during the summer, it is rarely unbearable heat. Jordan is very mountainous. However, those who do not like heat, do not come in the summer. It is hot. For those who love hot, as long as you stay hydrated, you will be fine. Summer months are surprisingly busy with tourists, as many visitors come from the Gulf region, to escape the unbearable heat in their countries.

Jordan - Jerash oval
Stone columns in Jerash, an ancient city of the Roman Empire in Jordan

Think About What Kind of Trip You Want

Before you get into the finer details, make sure you know exactly what kind of trip you want. Is this a once-in-a-lifetime bucket list destination for you? If so, do not rush through the country. Is Jordan part of a larger trip to the Middle East including Israel, Palestine, or Egypt? If you plan on visiting many countries in a short amount of time you are going to want to just hit the highlights. Are you looking for some relaxation? If so, ensure you spend a whole day in Aqaba at the beach or in one of the Dead Sea resorts. Are you interested in exploring Jordan’s offbeat places and hiking trips? Are you looking at taking a private tour or a group tour? Perhaps you are into history or archaeology. There is plenty of that to explore with an expert in Jordan!

There are so many ways to see a country, and no way is right or wrong (although some people may tell you otherwise!) My goal is to help you have the best trip possible. Spend some time thinking about what you want to get out of your trip to Jordan. You can browse Facebook groups, Instagram, Pinterest and even read some books about Jordan for inspiration.

Figure out Your Budget when Planning your Jordan Trip

Jordan is a surprise for many when researching how much it costs to visit. It is not a cheap travel destination compared to some of its neighbors. Many are surprised to find out that hotels and transportation costs are more on par with what you would find in Western Europe. Food can be cheap or expensive depending on your tastes. When compared to similar destinations such as nearby Egypt, Jordan is much more expensive.

Determining how much you need to plan a trip to Jordan is almost impossible. There are so many subjective factors including the type of accommodation you prefer, whether you want to take a private guided tour, whether you are a solo traveler or a family.

For those who are traveling on a tight budget, accommodation and food will be where you can save the most money. Falafel sandwiches, a staple food in Jordan are around USD1. But a high end restaurant meal can set you back USD30 per person. Hotels are similar. There are hostel-style accommodations as well as every five-star hotel brand you can name.

Hiring a guide and taking a tour will likely be more expensive than traveling the country independently, but the richness of information, the no-stress travel, the connection to locals and enhanced trip quality are well worth paying for.

Check Entrance Requirements for Jordan

Entrance to Jordan and Jordan visas depend on your nationality. There are also exceptions based on residency. Check out information on the Jordan visa on arrival, which is the most convenient way to come to Jordan. Most nationalities, including the USA, Canada, UK and dozens of other countries can get a visa on arrival that is valid for a 30 day stay in Jordan.

Decide Where to go in Jordan

This is where some of the research is going to start. Most people come to Jordan for Petra and do not pay too much more attention to the richness of the country. I personally could spend days in Jordan’s Desert: Wadi Rum, walking barefoot in the soft sand, climbing mountains, watching sunsets and photographing out-of-this-world landscapes! But so many visitors to Jordan visit Petra and then leave! It makes my jaw drop thinking about it!

Jordan - desert sand in Wadi Rum
Jordan’s famous red sand desert has miles that are begging to be explored with a local bedouin guide.

Figure out your Itinerary for Jordan

Most itineraries to Jordan are similar. Where they differ is in length and depth of exploration. A 3 day itinerary will barely scratch the surface of this remarkable hidden gem, but it will tick Petra off your bucket list! Popular trips vary from five to 10 days and give more time to see more of the country.

Check out these varying Jordan itineraries to get an idea of what you can do in Jordan. Start with the seven-day one, which gives you most of the popular things to do, and then decide how many days you want to spend in Jordan.

Want to skip all of the planning and access my detailed Jordan Itinerary and Guide? I have been to Jordan several times and after being asked again and again for suggestions, not only did I build this website but I created an interactive PDF guide to help you plan the best trip to Jordan! It includes an interactive map, multiple itineraries for up to 10 days and as little as three days, and plenty of practical information about renting a car and driving in Jordan. Get the guide by clicking the button below. 

Step into Jordan Guide and Itinerary Preview of Cover

Book your Plane Tickets

You do not have a lot of options when flying into Jordan. The main airport is Queen Alia International Airport (AMM) in Amman. It is located less than one hour from downtown Amman. Most international carriers fly into this airport.

There is a second airport, King Hussein International Airport (AQJ) which is located in the south, in Aqaba on the Red Sea. There are European low-cost carriers that fly into and out of this airport. This caters to holidaymakers who are looking to explore Aqaba, Wadi Rum and Petra (known as Jordan’s “Golden Triangle”). There are more limited arrivals and lots of seasonal service.

Purchase Travel Insurance

I never travel without it, and as an experienced traveler, the peace of mind and minimal cost of insurance means I have it every time I travel. I have an annual plan (because I am a resident of Canada) and also have coverage on my credit cards. I suggest you investigate your own insurance coverage before you travel out of your home country! I always suggest starting here and getting a quote!

Book your Accommodations

Once your flights are booked and you have decided on an itinerary, you will want to book your accommodations. I find the best place to find accommodations in Jordan is from Other sites we like are Expedia and

Amman has hundreds of hotels, and so does Petra. Wadi Rum has hundreds of camps. Tt can be difficult to decide where to stay. I suggest you look at the map, or you can check out this post on the best 5 star hotels in Amman for a list of luxury properties. You can also check this list of the best bedouin camps in Wadi Rum. When going to the Dead Sea, I suggest booking something on the beach, you can see the list of the best Dead Sea hotels. In Aqaba, you can narrow your list with this list of the best Aqaba hotels.

Even if you plan on hiring a private tour guide, they will likely suggest you book the hotels you prefer and they will quote you based on guiding and transportation. If you are booking a package tour, those will include your hotels.

Book Local Tours and Activities

It is not necessary to plan out every single aspect of your trip to Jordan at this stage. But I do know that most travelers like to have everything lined up before they arrive at a destination. If you are one of these people, then NOW is the time to book your local tours!

Jordan is an emerging market, and with that being said, there are not local group tours departing all the time from everywhere. This is something that is surprising to many visitors. Most assume they can hop on a group tour from Amman to Jerash or even a day tour to the Dead Sea. Let me tell you, this does not exist yet in Jordan. Most day tours are private departures, even most multi-day tours in country, if they are not religious groups, are private departures. This means there are limited options.

Here are a few great tours that you can book.

Amman Food Tours – evening walking tour in Amman with a local, featuring a deep dive into Jordanian cuisine. Offers daily tours except during Ramadan.

Jerash / Umm Qais / Ajloun Private Tour – This is a private day trip option with a local driver to see the northern part of the country. There are daily departures.

Dead Sea Tour – This tour provides private transport from Amman to the Dead Sea and includes beach access at the Dead Sea Spa.

2 Day Private Tour to Petra and Wadi Rum – This tour includes transportation to Petra, Wadi Rum and the Dead Sea and then returns to Amman. It is also a private departure with a driver and is perfect for quick trips in Jordan. It includes transport and accommodation and some meals but does not include entrance fees.

Package Tours in Jordan

If you are feeling overwhelmed about planning a trip to Jordan, then a package holiday is an option. This is a very popular way to see the country, where someone else takes care of all of the logistics. Check reviews, dates and read what is included before you book package trips. You can book entire packages on sites like Viator and Get Your Guide.

For dated group departures, G Adventures is a popular tour operator in Jordan.

Book your Rental Car or Transportation

A rental car is the most popular way to see Jordan independently. Most rental car companies have similar prices, they go up in the high season and during Jordanian holidays, and they go down in the low season. You want to book your car rental in advance. I like to check Rental Cars and Discover Cars, as they show many companies, as well as local rental companies.

However, some travelers opt for public transport. You can book these in advance on this site.

Make a Food Bucketlist

You probably did not think you would be coming to Jordan for the food. But let me tell you, the levant cuisine is going to blow you away! There is so much more than hummus and falafel. Check out this list of Jordanian food. It lists traditional foods as well as daily street food favorites!

Reservations are accepted in some of the busier and high end restaurants in Amman. Typically it is not necessary for small groups and I have never made a reservation when arriving as a party of four.

As I mentioned above, if you want a great deep dive into Jordanian food, book a food tour in Amman.

Make a Packing List

I have a printable packing list for those planning a trip to Jordan. Check out this Jordan packing list.

Make Last Minute Preparations

Phone Data Packages

Planning a trip to Jordan can be done months in advance. But there are a few things that you need to wait until the last minute. You can get a sim card in Amman but with the popularity of E-Sims, you can also save yourself time and get an E-Sim online before you go.

Register Your Trip Abroad

When you leave your home country, it is a good idea to register your travel abroad with your government. This way, they can easily get a hold of you in an emergency, such as a natural disaster or civil unrest. I have had emails from my government when abroad and there is a bit of a sense of security that the government knows where I am.



Contact your Bank and Credit Cards

This is something you should do before you travel to Jordan. Usually, you can do it online. This will ensure your credit cards will not be blocked when you travel abroad.

Plan for some Spontaneity

Jordan is a welcoming country and Jordanians treat guests with the highest regard. When you are planning your trip to Jordan, leave a little room for some random walks in the streets of Amman, or having coffee in a local shop. Locals are keen to chat with visitors to Jordan and you will quickly learn why most visitors come for the ancient history and the landscape but fall in love with the people!

Step into Jordan Guide and Itinerary Preview of Cover

If you want a detailed, step-by-step itinerary and everything I know about Jordan, go grab my Jordan Guide Book and take all of the stress out of planning your own independent trip to one of my favorite places in the world!

I hope this Jordan travel planner has been helpful for you to stay organized and plan your trip to Jordan. I am always happy to answer any questions about Jordan. Send me an email and lets chat!

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