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10 Things You Can Only Buy in France

There is so much to see and do in France, and hunting for French souvenirs is one of them! Here you will find 10 things that you can only buy in France. With online shopping and shipping, you very well may be able to find these things online, but they are unique souvenirs from France that are fun to hunt down while you are visiting.

These French souvenirs also make great gifts to bring home to your friends and family.

things you can only buy in france

Things you can only buy in France.

Eiffel Tower Statue

No visit to Paris is complete without at least a glimpse of le Tour Eiffel and a miniature replica is one of the best things to buy in Paris to take home as a gift or to display in your home. They vary in size, quality, and price, you can get keychains for less than 1 Euro and can spend several dollars on larger replicas! They can be used on bookshelves, on an end table or as a small paperweight on a desk!

There are plenty of vendors who are walking around selling these statues and you can also find them in souvenir stands and gift shops all around the city! No where else will you find these statues in such quantities!

Mille Borne

Mille Borne is a popular card game that is not easy to find! It was on my list of French souvenirs to pick up when I was road tripping France with my kids. It is a strategic game is involves driving, speed limits, and bumps along the road. If you want to pick one of these unique French souvenirs for kids check larger grocery stores as they often have a small section of things other than groceries!

Birthday Cards

While this is probably not mentioned anywhere, French Birthday cards and other cards are absolutely beautiful and are a very unique souvenir from France. Whether it is in a grocery store or a small shop, take a quick look at the carousel of cards and you are sure to find yourself some beautiful ones to bring home from your visit.

French Soaps

Southern France is famous for it soaps and there are many different types and scents that you can buy when you are looking for things to buy in France. Le petit marseillais is a popular grocery store brand that you can pick up while you grab some groceries. These are one of the inexpensive gifts from France and are nice and small to bring back home.

Museum Entry Tickets and Metro Passes

While this is not something you have to buy, after visiting the Louvre or traveling on the Metro, keep your ticket stubs. These make the best souvenirs from your time in France and take up no room in your suitcase!

French Sweets

Popular french sweets, like Haribo Tagada candies, are one of the best gifts from France for kids! There are several other sweet treats at local grocery stores that you will not find outside of the country. Have a browse down the aisle and pick out a few to bring home. This was definitely one of the fun things to do in Strasbourg for us!

Mickey Mouse Disneyland Paris Merch

For Disneyland fans, a trip to Disneyland Paris is a must! The park is full of uniquely Parisian Disney souvenirs and you will be sure to find one as a keepsake from your visit! Look for the unique French Disney items as you cannot find those in any other Disney Parks!


While its neighbour across the pond is more famous for tea, my ABSOLUTE favourite tea in the world can only be bought in French packaging! I will give away the secret, it is French Twinnings Vanilla Tea! While not the ONLY tea you should buy in France, try some of the amazing tea’s in France and bring a few back home from your vacation.

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