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5 Things to Know before you Book the Tallest Hotel in the World

5 Things to Know before you Book the Tallest Hotel in the World


If I asked you to guess where the tallest hotel in the world is located,

you could probably guess.



do you know

its name?


It is called the Gevora Hotel,

and I recently stayed there while attending a conference in Dubai.


When I booked the tallest hotel in the world, I actually did not know it. It had a great price for a four star property and was in walking distance to the convention center. But once I found out I would be staying in the newly crowned Guinness Book of World records “tallest hotel in the world” I was excited to check it out!

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The Gevora Hotel, Decorated in Gold, in Dubai's financial district is the tallest hotel in the world

The Gevora Hotel, newly opened in 2018 stands an impressive 356 meters tall




So What do you need to know before you stay at the Tallest Hotel in the World?


#1 How Tall is the Tallest Hotel in the World

The Gevora Hotel is 356 meters tall ( 1168 feet ) and beat out the former record holder JW Mariott Marquis by just one meter. It is also located next other Dubai skyscrapers, what was the tallest, and now the third tallest hotel in the world, the Rose Rayhann by Rotana which stands 333 meters and was right outside my window in the financial district of Dubai.

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The World's tallest hotel's view in Dubai

From the 70th floor, the World’s Tallest Hotel offers quite the view! I was not used to looking DOWN on Helipads!

#2 How Does it compare to the Tallest Building in the World

Most people know that Dubai is also home to the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. The Burj Khalifa stands at 828 meters and I can tell you that it appears to reach for the sky.

If you stay at the Gevora Hotel, your room might give you a view of this towering giant!

If you have never visited Dubai, to give you some perspective, the Gevora Hotel stands 50 meters taller than London’s Shard and 56 meters taller than Paris’ Eiffel Tower

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The Gevora Hotel Pool

The Gevora Hotel Pool

#3 How much does a room cost?


Well, probably less than you think. You can click below to see current rates from

Hotels Combined

Trip Advisor

These are my go-to when I start searching for hotel prices. I love that Trip Advisor and Hotels Combined offer various rates from suppliers. Click the links above to check them out if you haven’t already

Tallest Hotel in the World

The World’s Tallest Hotel also boasts the Highest swimming pool! Wouldn’t you like a dip here!

#4 How much did it cost to build the tallest hotel in the world?


The Gevora Hotel took 4 years and $136 million dollars to build. It is decked out in solid gold revolving doors and gold coloured decor throughout.

It also boasts the highest swimming pool in the world on the 75th floor! Of course I had to go and take a look!

It will also have a restaurant at the top offering stunning views of Dubai, but it was still under construction when I visited earlier this year.


Inside the Gevora Hotel Rooms

Basic Room at Gevora offering great space, a kitchenette with a huge fridge and stove top and a bar area!

#5 What do their rooms look like in the tallest hotel in the world?


There are three types of rooms in the Gevora hotel. I had the smallest room, and it was not small at all. Boasting 528 rooms over 72 floors, I was excited to be staying on the 70th floor. I had floor to ceiling windows, a kitchenette that even had a stove top, a huge fridge and a bar area, and a bathroom.

While everything appeared glitzy and new, four stars in Dubai does not necessarily mean the same things to the north american traveller. While the room was beautiful, as was the hotel in general, the Gevora hotel’s design left some things to be desired.

Such as USB plugs or Universal Plugs. This technology is not new or expensive, so I wonder why they used push button switches rather than traditional switches, but did not put in something that would be ideal for the business traveller.

Looking up at the Golden Top of the Gevora Hotel from the Pool Deck on the 75th floor

Looking up at the Golden Top of the Gevora Hotel from the Pool Deck on the 75th floor

The bathroom design was also strange in my opinion. It was a nice bathroom, everything was new and shiny, but the tub was installed backwards somehow (don’t ask me how, but the skinny end of the tub was where you were supposed to sit and the fatter end of the tub was by the plug; the bathroom sink also left no room to put any toiletries on it (but they did have a mirror and dressing table with a blow dryer beside the bed). I am really just nitpicking because I stay in a lot of hotels. Most people would not really notice these things, but for a brand new 4 star hotel boasting itself as the World’s Tallest Hotel, I thought they would have had top of the line everything.

Overall, I can stay I stayed in the tallest hotel in the world, and I received nothing but exceptional service while I was there, I only wish they had paid attention to small details when it was built, to make a better experience for travellers. Because what happens when it is no longer the tallest hotel in the world? What would make you want to come stay at the Gevora Hotel in Dubai?

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