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Welk Resort San Diego for Families a Hit!

When the drizzly fall weather was getting us down in Vancouver, my girlfriend and I packed up the kids and booked a trip to Sunny San Diego. We had heard good things about the Welk Resort … San Diego for families so we decided to check it out for ourselves!

Relaxing Poolside at the Welk San Diego

Relaxing Poolside at the Welk San Diego

With The three kids in tow (her daughter was 9 months old and Mattias and Markus are 4 and 2) we rented a mini van and set off from the San Diego airport to the Welk Resorts! It was about a 45-minute drive, mostly on the highway, until we reached the resort. At 9 pm it was dark (and surprisingly chilly, the clear nights and mountainous terrain caused temperatures to dip to about 5 Celsius at night. We were not prepared for that! ).

The Beautiful Welk Resort San Diego offers views of the boulders above

The Beautiful Welk Resort San Diego offers views of the boulders above

Check in was quick and easy, we headed up to our villa. We had booked a two bedroom villa on the green, for the week. It was everything we had hoped for, and more!


Having little kids, it is so much easier to have a suite than a traditional hotel room. We have done the hotel rooms, and will likely do them again, but we knew we wanted to be able to put the kids to sleep and relax (rather that lay in the darkness and try to watch tv without waking them up. Anyone who has stayed in a hotel room with kids knows this feeling).

Here is a Tip for having your toddler staying in a hotel bed. Im sure there are many of you like us, who have toddler’s who sleep in toddler beds. When you arrive at a hotel, the beds sure look nice, but they are after quite high off the ground. No one wants to deal with a middle of the night fall out of bed, so here is what we did to prevent Markus from falling. Take a decorative… pillow (or any pillow will do, but hotels seem to always have those round decorative pillows, and place it under the fitted sheet on the side of the bed. This will act as a… barricade to keep toddlers from falling off the bed!

Take a Pillow and Put it under the Fitted Sheet to act as a barrier to keep Toddlers from Falling off the Bed

Take a Pillow and Put it under the Fitted Sheet to act as a barrier to keep Toddlers from Falling off the Bed

The ground floor villa was perfect. It had two master suites, one with a soaker tub and both with double sinks! One bedroom had a king bed, the other, two doubles. Both had flat screen tvs, as did the living room. Both bedrooms also had had doors opening onto the patio.

Welk Resort San Diego for Families

The View from the Villa Patio

The patio was perfect; it was a small pad which backed onto the golf course! The kids could run around outside on the grass outside our room while we were getting breakfast ready in the fully stocked kitchen!


The next morning we had the day to wander the resort. We had brought strollers for the kids, even though my boys and two and four, and I’m glad we did. The resort is on the side of the mountain and the hills throughout the resort are quite steep and long! (and the strollers help carry all of our pool goodies too!)

The Waterpark For Kids

The Waterpark For Kids another reason we love the Welk Resort San Diego for Families

We wandered down to the water park and the playground. The kids had it to themselves for most of the morning! They spent about an hour spraying and playing in the water park and exploring the playground. I guess that is the benefit to traveling in the offseason.

The Sun Covered Playground

The Sun Covered Playground

The Welk Resort San Diego boasts 5 swimming pools, water slides, hot tub and recreational facilities! There was so much to do.


We loved being able to order lunch by the pool and when the sun for too hot, we went inside the rec room and played in the kids play area! Mattias and I were also able to play air hockey!

AirHockey in the Rec Room at Welk San Diego

AirHockey in the Rec Room at Welk San Diego

The resort has a small store full of necessities so we picked up some snacks and a coffee and then headed back to our room to cook dinner. There are various BBQs to use at the resort as well as a restaurant and Pizza Hut for delivery.


We loved the laid back stay at the Welk Resorts San Diego and will be back soon. You can check out their website here


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The Welk Resort San Diego For Families by Carpe Diem OUR Way

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  1. Salina Bujosa says:

    It looks like a wonderful place to stay!

  2. Erin says:

    This looks like a fabulous getaway. I love the boulders you could see in the background. San Diego is such a fun city too!

  3. Allison says:

    This looks like a fun resort for the whole family! We would want to leave plenty of space in our San Diego itinerary just to enjoy the on-site amenities.

  4. Janna says:

    Looks like an enjoyable place to stay. I love how they provide great amenities even for kids!

  5. Carolann says:

    What a great looking resort! Looks like it would even be great for those of us without kids!! Great tip for keeping kids from falling out of hotel room beds – we’ll be using that one when we babysit while abroad with family!

  6. So, funny we are about 45 minutes from San Diego and we hit Colorado this weekend for snow. So, funny how we get tired of what we have and seek something different every once in awhile. Welks looks like it was a great choice. I didn’t realize they had so much for kids. We’ll have to try it out for a weekend getaway soon!

  7. Jenna says:

    Looks like a cool hotel! The rec room would be fun to spend some time in and the pool and water park look great! Nice tip about the hotel bed for toddlers!

  8. Nothing really beats a good getaway place that the kids could enjoy too. I think the Welk Resort is definitely one of the best places to bond with family.

  9. Natalie says:

    That definitely looks like a place I would’ve love to have gone as a kid, and can also enjoy as an adult. The swimming pool looks nice, as well as some of the other amenities. But, most importantly, it looked sunny, which i’m sure made you all happy 🙂

  10. Sabrin says:

    Oh, the kids look so happy and diverted! I suppose you was so too. Looks like a place to come back to childhood again:)
    Thank you for sharing

  11. A weekend in a resort is everything we need to unwind and have fun! Specially after the holiday season and when winter is knocking on our door!! Welk Resorts looks awesome, calm and perfect for families!!
    All the best,

  12. mark wyld says:

    This resort looks excellent. My kids would love the water are and all that this resort has to offer. we have never stayed at a resort we are more a few days here and move on. Maybe one day for the resort experience

  13. Holly says:

    I don’t blame you for escaping to San Diego. The pillow barrier is a great idea. Love the views.

  14. noel says:

    What a fun place to take the kids and enjoy the grounds, I love all the colorful play areas and activities to keep the kids occupied and the landscape looks beautiful!