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10 Unique Brazil Souvenirs You Should Buy on Your Vacation

Wondering what to buy in Brazil? This list of unique Brazil souvenirs will give you plenty of shopping and gift ideas while you explore the stunning country. Brazil is known for its cheerful and vibrant atmosphere, especially during carnival. It features the world’s most biodiverse jungle, some of the top beaches, and bustling city life.

You will have plenty of fun shopping for the best things to buy in Brazil. While you can find postcards, magnets, and T-shirts anywhere in the world (and there is nothing wrong with collecting those, I know many are always on the lookout for Christmas ornaments), this list has 10 unique Brazilian souvenirs and gifts you should keep an eye out for on your travel! These things are mostly uniquely Brazillian items that should bring fond memories of your time in this South American gem.

What to Buy in Brazil

Brazil gifts and souvenirs


Christ the Redeemer Statues

One of the world’s most recognizable landmarks and one of the wonders of the world, a Christ the Redeemer statue is one of those unique things you can only buy in Brazil. This is probably the number one Brazil souvenir suggestion you are going to get from anyone who has been in Brazil.

The Brazilian Beach Towel

The cangas is a Brazilian beach towel / sarong / dress or whatever you need to cover up, when you need to cover it up! Beautifully colored and easy to pack, the cangas makes a perfect Brazil souvenir.

Sugarloaf Mountain Items

Just like the Christ the Redeemer, you will find Sugarloaf statues all over for purchase. Again, these local knick knacks will only be available to buy in Brazil. If you have a shelf of travel items, this will make the perfect addition.


This sugarcane-based spirit is available all over the country. If you want an authentic local experience, make sure you try it at a local distillery. If you are buying it at a local supermarket, get the gold Cachaça that is aged for a smoother experience.

Brazilian Bikini

How could we mention the beach without mentioning the iconic Brazilian thong bikini. Even if you only wear it in Brazil to fit in at the beach, you can keep it in your closet for your return trip, right!


The world-renowned Brazillian flip-flop are worn by almost everyone in the country, at least sometimes. Redily available near the beach, you can save a few dollars by buying them in their country of origin. They make the perfect gift from Brazil for friends and are a functional souvenir to bring home for yourself! So leave your old flip flops at home when you pack, and get yourself some Havaianas when you arrive!

Locally Made Hammocks

A locally made hammock, hand-woven by a Brazilian craftsman is a great way to remember Brazil. These hammocks are popular in smaller, coastal or rural towns. When you purchase locally made products, you are keeping more money in the local economy. I always encourage people to seek out locally made products when they travel and a hammock is one of those!

Brazilian Coffee

Wondering what to buy in Brazil to bring back as a gift? Well Brazilian coffee is a great one! Brazil is the leading grower and exporter of coffee. Over one-third of the world’s coffee comes from Brazil.

Specialty care should be taken to buy only whole-bean coffees that are fresh roasted. Brazilian coffees tend to be mild flavored to begin with, and stale brazil tend to be completely devoid of flavor.

Try to consume it within a week of grinding, as its mild flavor will become stale and flavorless. You can easily grab some in a supermarket, and freeze it when you get home!

Brazil Soccer Jersey

Ask just about ANY soccer fan who their second favorite team is, and you are more than likely going to get Brazil as an answer. If you want to bring home a gift from Brazil for a soccer fan or a child, grab a Brazil jersey. If you buy one for yourself, this Brazilian souvenir will bring back memories of your time in the country, and makes a great talking point whenever you wear it too!

Glass Sand Bottles

While you can buy glass sand bottles in other countries (I have seen them in Dubai, Jordan and Egypt), this locally made artform makes the perfect Brazil souvenir. You can get them with many different designs and whatever colors you like! If you have kids, they will love watching them be made!

FAQ’s about Brazil Souvenir Shopping

What is Brazil Known For?

Most of the things I mentioned are things that Brazil is known for, then it comes to souvenir shopping. You can get yourself some Havaianas, or a canga or a Brazilian bikini!
If it is not clothing you are after, get yourself a Christ the Redeemer statue!

What should I bring back from Rio de Janeiro

One of the top Brazil souvenirs that you should get it Rio would be Cachaça or Bananada. Both edible and not too tough to bring home, these make perfect gifts! Otherwise get yourself an “I Heart Rio” t-shirt or a Christ the Redeemer statue.

More Brazil Travel Tips

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