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Is the Wynn Kid Friendly?

Is the Wynn Kid Friendly?

Wynn for Family Travel

So you want to go to Las Vegas.

Who doesn’t want a few days of sun, great eats, entertainment, gambling, pool parties and 24/7 entertainment?

But you have kids.

Sounds like a problem for some, and many parents wish to escape “parenthood” for a weekend getaway, but we love traveling with our kids to Las Vegas and we generally bring them along with us to what some would call an “adult” destination.

How can you enjoy Las Vegas with kids?

Well there are LOTS of things for kids of all ages in Vegas that do not revolve around gambling or drinking. That deserves to be a blog post in itself (and you will see one coming up soon). We also like to bring “help” with us so that everyone can enjoy their vacation. Especially somewhere like Vegas, where you do want some time to enjoy the “adult” activities like throwing the dice at the craps table, or sitting down at a slot machine. You cannot do those things with a toddler in your arms. When we travel to these types of places when we want some “kid-free” time, we usually bring help. You can read why we bring the “in-laws” here. On our recent visit to the Wynn we did bring the “in-laws” and it worked out great.

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Wynn and Encore, Las Vegas - Is the Wynn great for Families?

The Wynn and Encore from the Strip

The Wynn does not sound like a very “kid-friendly” hotel, but you couldn’t be more wrong.


How the Wynn is Kid Friendly?

The location is stroller friendly. It is not in the middle of the strip where you find escalators and overhead walkways. You can easily get to and from the parkade or the strip without having to look for an elevator.
Upon check in, the staff were amazing and very welcoming. We were given a roll away baby cot with an excellent mattress, complete with baby shampoo, lotion and a rubber ducky for the tub. We were also offered a fridge at no charge to keep Markus milk cold! This worked out great because we were able to pick up some Rice Milk for him, keep bottled water cold and still have room for snacks like yogourt for Mattias!
The Pool at the Wynn is huge! There is lots of shade areas, to keep the kids out of the sun, and small steps to play on for the kids. None of the adults lounging at the pool were bothered by a couple little kids sitting on the steps. The pool depth is perfect for adults to walk, and I was even able to put Mattias to sleep as a baby (on a previous trip) by walking up and down the pool.
A tip for the pool the next time you visit. I suggest going over to check out the Encore. They have a very large shallow section (which has rentable loungers) that is perfect for little ones as it Is less than a foot deep. We were able to sit in the water and the kids could play around us without being confined to small stairs.
Wynn for Families: Why you should stay at the Wynn next time you are in Las Vegas

Wynn For Families
The floral displays are amazing and the kids love them. When we were there, there was a beautifully decorated carousel and hot air balloon. We spent a good amount of time marvelling at the colours. The Casino level where the restaurants and elevators are located do not seem to be smokey at all. The Security is quick to ensure smoking guests only smoke on the casino floor and not in the other hallways. We know you cannot get away from smoking in Vegas, but we appreciated the Wynn’s efforts to keep the rest of the resort smokefree!
After you have taken the perfect photos, make sure to read these Las Vegas Instagram captions and use them when you share the photo with family and friends!
The rooms at the Wynn are much larger than the typical hotel room.  (one of our Family Hotel Musts) There is lots of floor space for babies to crawl around or for older kids to play on the floor without constantly running into beds or table legs.
Why you should stay at the Wynn with your family on your next trip to Las Vegas!

Floral Displays at the Wynn
The bathroom is huge and has a separate toilet. The kids loved playing in the soaker tub. There is a handy stool to sit by the kids in the tub which can also double as a stool for the kids to wash their hands and brush their teeth at one of the double sinks.
As expected the rooms also have flatscreen Tvs and even have automatic drapes. The kids thought those were a hit!
Overall, if you are like our family and travel with your kids, don’t stay away from Las Vegas; instead book at the Wynn and everyone will have a comfortable time!
Booking Tip: We love booking with for their great rewards program, its even better when your stay at the Wynn can be FREE! You can read more about why we are rewards junkies here.

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the Wynn Las Vegas for Family Travel. Why you should stay at the Wynn with your Family the next time you visit Las Vegas!

Editor’s Disclosure: I did not receive a free stay at the Wynn, nor was i compensated in any way for the post! 

Photo Credits: Wynn by Wolfgang Staudt, Wynn during the Day by Daniel Ramirez, Wynn and Encore by Jake Przespo used under C.C 2.0

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