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Fort Langley Family Afternoon

Fort Langley Family Activities

Fort Langley family activities are plentiful any time of the year. Positioned on the south bank of the Fraser, Fort Langley was built by the Hudson”™s Bay Company as a trading post in 1827. While that does not seem very old compared to other settlements in the world, by Canadian standards, it was a very early settlement in what would become the province of British Columbia. Today, the historic charm in this quaint town of about 2900 residents, attracts over 60 000 visitors per year!

fort langley hall - carpe diem our way

The restaurants and shopping in Fort Langley are mostly located on one strip about 4 or 5 blocks long (as well as spilling into the side streets). You will find antiques, boutique shops, restaurants and several other businesses. There is lots of free parking on the road and the side streets, but it does get quite busy in the summer months!


antiques fort langley

I am a little ashamed to admit that I live about a 10 minute drive from Fort Langley, but rarely find myself stopping to enjoy it. Well that changed last weekend and we have many more trips planned there this summer!

We parked by the fort, which was designated as a National Historic Site in the 1950s, and walked a block to Glover Road. (you can read more about the fort on the Parks Canada site)

fort langley restaurant wendels fort langley

One of our… favourite Fort Langley family… activities is to stop for… ice cream! We thought this would keep the boys happy while we window-shopped! I am a children”™s”™ photographer and I cannot walk past an antique shop without popping in quickly to see if they have the perfect prop!

I suggest hitting the 50s diner for the $2.00 kids cone. It is a VERY GENEROUS one scoop and you can”™t beat the price! My boys love the cotton candy and the blue bubble gum! (gotta love the pink and blue stains!) My Hubby and I got the one scoop waffle cone and it was HUGE! $12 well spent for 4 cones!

Fort langley family activities

With ice cream in hand, we wandered the sidewalks, although it was april, there were quite a few people around. We ran into a British Car Show going on at the community center! Lots of vintage vehicles to look it! it took us back to our 2012 trip to the UK.

There are lots of accessible walking trails if you have your sneakers, or even if you do not. Most are gravel and quite level. After we were finished browsing we headed over the small bridge to Brae Island. Brae Island is home to walking trails that have stunning views of the river, a popular langley campground, and the Kwantlen First Nations reserve. It was the former site of the Langley to Maple Ridge Ferry.

Brae Island, Fort Langley, British Columbia - Carpe diem our way


We walked to the beach and let the boys play in the sand. When the tide is low (the Fraser River is tidal in parts, as it flows into the Pacific Ocean) the sandy beach is a great place to play!

We spent a nice few hours together as a family in Fort Langley! We plan to be back soon and check out the Fort and some other events in town this summer!

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fort langley family activities


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