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Castaway Island Fiji Resort Review: Paradise Awaits for Families

Castaway Island Resort is not the lonely island Tom Hanks found himself on in the movie “Castaway” but a family paradise waiting to be enjoyed. Located on the peninsula of Qalito Island, it features idyllic white sandy beaches, blue waters, and a coral reef teeming with colorful coral and sea life. 

Castaway Island from Above in Fiji
Castaway Island from Above in Fiji

Family Accommodation at Castaway Island

Just steps from the water’s edge are expertly designed beach thatched roof bure’s that sleep 4 people. This was the first thing that sold me on Castaway with my family. It is not everyday that you find beachfront resorts that are not designed for the ultra lux honeymooner!

Two twin beds straddle a coffee table and can double as a sitting area for those who do not need room for four. Beyond sliding doors is a bedroom with ample closets, a full bath with a rain shower, and air conditioning to keep everyone comfortable. 

Castaway also has larger bures – a family-style bure that sleeps up to 10 and the Grand Bure that sleeps 6.

Castaway Islans beachfront Bure
Castaway Island’s Bures are nestled among tropical trees with white sand beaches just steps away.
Beachfront Bure entrance
Beachfront Bure comfortably sleeps 4

Things to do at Castaway Island Resort

Castaway Island has two swimming pools, one that is considered a family pool, and the other, a “quiet” pool with a jacuzzi-style sitting area (the water is not hot, it is pool temperature), and a swim-up bar. Some hotels do not allow kids in what they call an “adult pool” but I liked that Castaway called their pool a “quiet pool.” which made it clear it was fine for kids but not the place to be screaming and playing. The boys loved the swim up bar at the quiet pool (something they could not go to in “adult pools”), but the pool did not have entertainment so after a drink we usually headed back to the beach.

Castaway Island White Sand Beaches

The beach was our happy place, and where we spent most of our time. We snorkeled a few times a day, kayaked, and wandered the soft sands and warm water. There were loungers on the beach, and while they did fill up, it was not a “race” at 7am to put out a towel like some other resorts. Even when they were full, having a beachfront bure meant our towels and gear were only steps away.

After the hot sun arrived many families escaped the rays to the shaded pool areas where it was easy to keep cool or for some quiet afternoon time before dinner.

Castaway Island Resort’s beach was idyllic all day long.

There is a shop with necessities, several places to eat, a kids club, a dive shop, and lots of activity options. For those, like my family, who love the water, there are kayaks and hobby cats, and snorkel gear as well as various daily activities like beach volleyball. We found there was little interest in the beach volleyball however, as it is quite hot and well, beach volleyball is HARD! My boys wished they had pool volleyball, they can play for hours!

The kids club has various activities throughout the day, but at 10 and 12 years old, my boys were happy to amuse themselves with the snorkelling, kayaking, beach swing, and swimming. 

Wifi is only available in the restaurant area and it is only good enough to check emails or have a quick video call. There is not enough bandwidth to download movies on streaming service like netflix, so keep that in mind. 

There are games you can borrow from the gift shop, which we enjoyed each evening. 


Eating at Castaway Island

Castaway Island offers a meal plan, from full board to half board options. Drinks are sold separately. Their system for taking orders means you need to order your food and your drink separate, so keep that in mind when you order, it makes it easier for the staff to pass you orders on to the bar or the restaurant. 

There is one main restaurant, a “reservations only” adults restaurant, a pizza place and a snack bar (for poolside service etc). The restaurant typically has the option to eat off the buffet or order off the menu. 

castaway pizza
Pizza was a quick way to get a meal
Castaway entree's were generous sized
Castaway entree’s were generous-sized

Our Favourite Things About Castaway Island Fiji

The Warm Water

The water was much warmer than the water on the main Island of Viti Levu. The shallow sandy island allows the sun to heat up the water quite warm! While my kids will get into the water at any temperature, I personally enjoyed how warm it was!

The availability of snorkel gear and kayaks etc.

There was never a problem getting kayaks or snorkel gear, and they could be used anytime. 

The beauty of the remoteness. 

There is something special about being on a private island. Watching the sun rise and fall, it really feels like paradise. 

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