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Top 8 UK Souvenirs to Buy and Tips for Buying Them!

Trips are all about making memories. They’re a chance to do things you never expected and
see beautiful places that you want to imprint onto your mind. But unfortunately, it can be
tough to cling to memories and they have a tendency to fade. That’s why souvenirs can be
so helpful, as they act like a match to your memories, reminding you of them.
On your trip to the UK, there are certain souvenirs that are worth purchasing. Not only will
they make great additions to your home, but some of these are the perfect gifts for friends
and family back home. Worried about carrying these things around? You can hire a
campervan with Goboony for your trip, so you never have to worry about storage space.

Pressed penny

If you’re an avid traveller, you might want to consider starting a pressed penny collection.
You can get pressed pennies at pretty much any popular tourist destination, especially in London. They’re small, easy to pack in your luggage, and completely individualised to the place. They’re the perfect way to track all the amazing destinations you’ve visited without spending a lot of money on
souvenirs. If you’re travelling with kids, then they’ll love always hunting for pressed penny


When thinking of British stereotypes that are accurate, a good cup of tea always comes to
mind! The Brits are known for making and enjoying great tea, and during your trip to the UK,
you must indulge in a spot of afternoon tea.
That’s why one of the best UK souvenirs you can purchase during your trip is a British
teapot. You’ll find these pretty much everywhere in the UK with various designs. So don’t go
for the first teapot you see, wait and check out the many options available. Then be sure to
ask for bubblewrap to ensure it doesn’t break in your suitcase. Consider buying some proper
Yorkshire teabags as well, to enjoy back home with your brand new teapot.


But an English cuppa tea isn’t complete without a biscuit to dunk in it! Few delicacies rival
the traditional British biscuit. So be sure to sample some during your trip, and consider
buying an extra pack of your favourites to bring home!
If you’re in Scotland, go for some traditional shortbread – yum! Alternatively, across the UK
you can get delicious Jammy Dodgers, Jaffa Cakes or Custard Creams.
These not only make great budget-friendly gifts for people back home, but are a way to keep
that holiday feeling a little longer. As you return to real life and have to work again, you can
pull a biscuit out of the cupboard and for a moment, you’re back in the UK.

Union Jack

It’s a classic souvenir and for good reason! What screams the United Kingdom more than
their own flag? You’ll find the Union Jack printed on pretty much everythingand it is by far, one of the most popular things to buy in the UK. You could double up on our list and get a teapot with a Union Jack on it. Or you could go for a pillow with the Union Jack print, a t-shirt or bag, a hat or a mug, the list is endless.

Union Jack Mug UK Souvenir.

Mind the Gap

If you’re in London during your trip to the UK, you’re going to hear this phrase a lot! This
popular souvenir comes from the electronic voice on the tube service that warns you to be
careful and “mind the gap”. You’ll find this phrase on all sorts of UK souvenirs, such as t-
shirts and hats, or simple postcards. It’s a very fun and original souvenir to remember your
trip by. If you want a catchy London caption when sharing your photos, this has got to be one of the popular ones!

Gin or Whisky

Now this one is for anyone above the drinking age, which is 18 in the UK. England is
renowned for its gin, so if you enjoy a delicious gin and tonic, then you might want to bring a
bottle home with you.
Scotland is similarly known for its whisky, so if you can handle the strong stuff, then it’s the
perfect way to bring a touch of Scotland home with you.
While visiting, also consider going to a tasting for these special drinks. That will allow you to
find your favourite so you buy the right one to bring home.
If you’re only travelling with hand luggage, you can instead get a small tasting bottle so you
not over the liquids limit.

Christmas ornament

One of my favourite souvenirs to buy when travelling are Christmas ornaments. It’s a chance
to buy a souvenir that you’ll use annually. I love the way it personalises my Christmas tree
and gives me a chance to look back on each trip. These are also small enough to take
home, but you’ve just got to remember that they’re often very fragile!

Something Tartan

Now this UK souvenir is specifically for people travelling to Scotland during their holiday. You
simply can’t leave Scotland without something tartan in your suitcase. It’s the perfect
reminder of the beauty and culture of Scotland. You could go for a tartan piece of clothing –
even a kilt if you dare! – or just another souvenir featuring tartan.
If you’re a dog or cat owner, I really recommend going for a tartan pet collar. They’re
adorable and usually very sturdy.

Tartan makes a great gift from the UK.

Hopefully this list will allow you to really choose which UK souvenirs you’ll get on your trip,
so that you don’t end up with a bunch of things that you regret. Make sure to take a look
around before committing to anything, and always

Uk souvenirs and things to buy

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