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Greek Puns and Greece Jokes to Have You Laughing Out Loud

If you are looking for greek puns that are going to have you laughing out loud, then you are in the right place. This post has all of the best Greece puns and jokes that are sure to entertain.

Whether it is Greek mythology puns, or puns about Greek Gods you are sure to find plenty of those below!

Also if you are looking for some more information on travel in Greece, whether you are planning on a luxury stay or a backpacking trip make sure you read to the bottom!

Greek puns.

25 Of The Best Greek Puns (or maybe the worst!)

Greecey hair, don’t care!

Wonders never Greece to amaze me!

What does a Greek machine need to work? Greece

Take another Greece of my heart!

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Greece, I’m going to myth you.

Feta late than never!

You better be back before your Corfu!

It’s in one Oia and out the other.

What do you call a flirty Greek philosopher? Socratease

What do you call the Greek God of regret? Apollogies.

How do Greeks view their food? Through a Gyroscope

What dose a Greek ghost eat for dessert? Boogatsa

Which ancient Greek Philosopher had a foot fetish? Play-toe or was it Sock-rates?

What do you call the Greek version of Spider-Man? Pita Parker

What do you call a Greek philosopher who loves rice? Arisotto

What happens when Greeks come back from war? They get a gyro’s welcome.

Son: Dad, why’d you name me Oddesyus? He’s from greek mythology.

Dad: Well son, you broke through the trojan wall.

All Rhodes lead to Greece

Let’s be disCrete

Greeking out over these views

Go big or go Homer.

In Greek mythology, Chiron was half man, half horse. He had knowledge and wisdom in medicine. You could say he was the centaur for disease control.

Greek Food Puns

Olive for views like this.

The Greeks make the best cheese. You feta believe it!

Never eat expired Greek food. You’ll falafel.

Greece, I’ll definitely be baklava

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