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10 Kazakhstan Souvenirs to Buy When You Visit Almaty and Beyond

If you are looking for things to buy in Kazakhstan then you have come to the right place. Kazakhstan is the largest landlocked country in the world, situated in Central Asia. It is known for its diverse landscapes, including vast steppes, majestic mountains, and deserts. As a bridge between Europe and Asia, Kazakhstan has a unique blend of cultural influences from both regions. It has strong influences from nomadic traditions, Turkic roots, and Persian and Russian influences. It is renowned for its traditional music, dance, craftsmanship, and hospitality. When you are looking for souvenirs from Kazakhstan you will see evidence of all of these influences.

Kazakhstan souvenirs.

Kazakhstan Souvenirs

Chocolate from Kazakhstan

Chocolate is probably one of the easiest things to buy in Kazakhstan to take back home. You can find locally made chocolate in grocerty stores all over the country as well as in the factory near the Green Market in Almaty.

Kazakhstan chocoate souvenir from grocery store in Almaty.

Traditional Kazakh Souvenir Instruments

Would you like to know what is famous in Kazakhstan? My first suggestion would be their musical instruments. In the earlier years of Kazakhstan, the dombra (a two-stringed instrument)could be found in every yurt, as it was an essential part of Kazakh life. It was used as a way to deliver news and tell stories. Today the Dombra is used in musical performances, hung in homes and sold as souvenirs.

kazakh souvenir instruments

Vodka from Kazakhstan

For the spirit lover in your life, consider vodka as the perfect Kazakh gift to bring home! It is easy to find in any grocery store and there are a variety of brands and prices!

Kazakh Vodka.

Kazakh Souvenir Fridge Magnets

Do you collect fridge magnets or shot glasses when you travel? This is probably one of the easiest souvenirs to pick up just about anywhere in the world. Kazakhstan is no exception. You can grab a variety of fridge magents from around Kazakhstan to bring home.

Almaty fridge magnets

Edible Souvenirs

Beyond chocolate there are many other edible souvenirs you can bring home from Kazakhstan. They have a deliscious treat similar to turkish delight that you can buy in the market as well as various nuts and dried fruits. The vendors and friendly and are often offering samples to taste.

edible kazakh souvenirs.

Canned Horse Meat Souvneir

Yes, you can eaily bring back a taste of Kazakhstan’s horsemeat if you pick up some canned horsemeat at any grocery store! Check your country’s restructions for bringing meat back before you purchase some! Some countries allow canned goods much more easily than fresh packed products.

canned horse meat from Kazakhstan.

Felt Goods

From shoes to yurts, you can find many felted material souvenirs in Kazakhstan. One of the best places for high quality felted items is Qazak Oner Artisan centre. If you are looking for something specifically representing Almaty, known as “the place with apples” look for a felted Almaty apple souvenir.

Almaty Apple souvenir


Spices are cheap and readily available in Almaty. Look for saffron and other sought-after spices to bring back home.

Spices from Kazakhstan


Kazakhstan has plenty of jewelry for those who love to buy it as a souvenir when they travel. Look for beautiful Kazakh jewelry featuring intricate patterns and traditional motifs. Silver and turquoise are commonly used materials in Kazakh jewelry.

Kazakh jewelry souvenirs.

Artwork from Kazakhstan

There are plenty of art options for those who love art. Whether carvings, paintings, leather goods or textiles, you can find all of them in souvenir shops in Almaty and beyond.

Almaty souvenir shop

Souvenir Shopping in Almaty

Qazak Oner Artisan Centre has a showroom full of unique handmade items from local artisans. They sell a variety of high-quality Kazakh souvenirs, jewelry, clothing, decor items, and hats. The purpose of the Qazak Oner Artisan Center is the revival and development of locally made traditional Kazakh crafts.

Kazakhstan souvenir yurt handicraft
Qazak Oner artisan centre in Almaty with apple souvenir

The Green Market is the most well-known stop for any visit to Almaty. Locals shop for food and clothing, everything from hose meat to sweets to sandals can be found in the market! Those looking for souvenirs can find plenty of options.

Almaty Green Market Horse meat
Almaty green market shopping.

I hope this has given you an extensive list of what to buy in Kazakhstan when you visit this unique place. If you have been, were there any other souvenirs you would suggest? Let me know!

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