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8 of the Best Souvenirs from Alaska

If you are looking for the best souvenirs from Alaska you are in the right place! There are quite a few unique Alaska souvenirs to buy and if you have an idea of what you want before you arrive, when you see it you can pick it up, instead of having to think about it and not have a chance to get it later!

If you are looking for the best gifts from Alaska for friends and family, this list of Alaska products will have you set! When I travel, I am usually looking for a small keepsake for myself, and something to bring home for friends. With the unique souvenirs from Alaska you will have no problem picking out something they will love! (#4 is my personal favorite). Keep reading below for a list of souvenirs from Alaska that you can buy on your trip!

Best Souvenirs from Alaska | What to Buy in Alaska on your Vacation


Best Alaska Souvenirs

A few of the best Alaska souvenirs make great keepsakes from any Alaska trip. Keep reading for all of the best things to buy in Alaska

Ulu Knives make the best souvenirs from Alaska

Ulu Knives are all purpose knives traditionally used by Inuit women. They used these knives for more than cooking. They could cut hair or even shave blocks to make igloos. Traditionally the handle was made from ivory or bone and sometimes wood. Slate was used as the blade. Today the blades are most commonly made from steel. If you or someone you know likes to get creative in the kitchen, this is one of the best Alaska souvenirs you can buy on your trip!



Whether for fashion or function, traditional footwear of those who inhabit the north make great souvenirs from Alaska! They were traditionally made from cariboo skin or seal skin and worn by Inuit peoples. The term mukluk typically describes any soft boot, whether using traditional or more modern materials. They are warm, keep your feet dry, and paired with jeans they are adorable! Their traditional use was great for hunting as they allowed hunters to walk almost silently.

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Native Artwork

Native artwork is a popular Alaska souvenir for any visitor. Paintings and carvings made by native artists can be found all over the north and look beautiful whether framed and hung at home or on a mantle to tell a story of your trip.

Christmas Ornaments for your own tree or as great Alaska gifts

One of the popular things to buy when traveling is a Christmas ornament as a keepsake from your travels. When visiting Alaska, a Christmas Ornament makes a great souvenir of Chirstmas gift for someone back home! You will find them in most souvenir shops.

Birch Syrup

Its not maple syrup, its birch syrup, but it is collected in a similar manner as maple syrup. Its use however, is most commonly used in glazes and sauces in dishes such as salmon or port. It is something you will also find as an ingredient in local beers and even ice cream! If you gt a chance to visit a grocery store in Alaska, pick up some birch syrup to add to your cooking back home!

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Bear Claw Salad Servers Alaskan Souvenirs

Have you ever seen Alaskan bear claw salad servers? If not, then you need to seem them out when you visit Alaska! No more awkward spoons trying to make it to your plate at dinner. These bear claw salad servers make grabbing salad so much easier! And a bonus is that kids love them too! If you are looking for one of the best Alaskan souvenirs or gifts, then I highly suggest you consider the salad servers! Try them with pasta the next time you make it too!


Alaska Jade

Alaskan jade can be sparkling in gift shops all over Alaska. Its smooth surface and luminescent color is part of what makes it so appealing. Alaskan jade most commonly comes from Dall, Shungnak and Kobuk river. They have been used to make tools, weapons and jewelry. You can find jade carvings of all types of animals and statues. It also makes beautiful earrings, necklaces and rings. Pick up one of these souvenirs of Alaska while you visit this diverse and beautiful state.

Tips for your Alaska Visit:

If you are looking for some tips for visiting Alaska, check out one of the guides below!

Best Souvenirs from Alaska | Things to buy in Alaska

Alaskan Souvenirs | What to Buy in Alaska

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  1. Tamara

    Ulu knives and bear claws are very practical souvenirs. They are a great way to remember your time in Alaska and not get shoved in a closet unused. Ulu knives are fantastic for cutting up pizza.

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