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Is Petra by Night Worth It?

If you are looking for more information on Petra by Night and want to know whether you should go or skip it, this post is for you. So before we get started, What is Petra by Night? Petra by night is a light show in Petra after dark. The Petra by night experience occurs three times a week at 8:30pm until 10:30pm. It takes place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays each week.

Petra By Night  Should you Go and What to Know?


Petra By Night Should You GO

Is Petra by Night Worth It?

This question gets asked often. In my opinion, enjoying an evening wandering the giant walls of the Siq lit only by candles hearing only your own footsteps and those of others is something you should not miss. For me personally, I got a babysitter while we were staying at Movenpick and it was a welcome break from my boys for 2 hours.

I am often asked what to do in Petra at night, and besides resting your weary hiking legs, there is not too much to do. Wadi Musa is a pretty dry town and hit and miss whether or not your hotel has a bar or restaurant selling alcohol. There is not even a liquor store in town, so I would much rather experience a light show in Petra than sit in my hotel.

With that being said, I did visit Petra for three days. After the first day, we did quite a bit of hiking and I was happy to put my feet up and relax. But on our second night, we went to to the Petra by Night show and was happy I did.

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Is Petra By Night Worth It

Petra by Night Entrance Fee

The Petra by night cost is JD17 and you can purchase tickets from the visitor’s centre or ask your hotel as they may be able to sell you tickets.


Is Petra by Night included in the Jordan Pass?

Unfortunately not, the Jordan Pass is for regular hours Petra visits only (between 6am and 6pm).

Petra By Night Siq by Candlelight

What to Expect at Petra by Night?

We walked in silence, most of us slowly taking in the candle-lit Siq. I could imagine what it would have been like to be a Nabatean trader, entering the city through this naturally created chasm. There were no clip-clops of shoed horses carrying passengers on carriages, no donkey’s braying and no tour guides with groups of tourists taking in the secrets of the Siq. It was just me and my thoughts, eager to get to the Treasury. When we arrived, most people were already seated, sweet, aromatic bedouin tea being passed out as we marvelled at the lights in front of us. The performance at Petra by night is not too long, a few melodies on a traditional flute, the rababa, and a story of Petra, and it is over sooner than I had wished. After finishing my last glass of “shai” we walked back along the siq. taking in each shadow, each curve until we arrived back at our hotel.

While some people might tell you it is a waste of money, I loved the silence of the Siq and the magical feeling of walking down its winding path with just my own thoughts in my head. there were no distractions around and only a few others, who were taking the evening in with me.

My candlelit visit to the ruins of Petra was one I will not forget, and I encourage you to spend one of your evening’s in Wadi Musa, doing the same. You can rest your weary legs another night.

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Photos Courtesy of Cailin O’Neil from Travel Yourself and Margherita Ragg from The Crowded Planet

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