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Santorini Souvenirs

If you are wondering what to buy in Santorini as you plan your upcoming trip, you are in the right place! Greek souvenirs are a popular way to memorialize your vacation or bring home treats for friends and family! Santorini has some unique souvenirs and gifts that you can only get on the island. It also has plenty of Greek items that you can pick up as well!

What to Buy in Santorini

Olive Oil

Olive trees, thousands of years old are found throughout the Aegean. It is thought that cultivation goes back to Neolithic times on the Greek island of Crete. If you are looking for one of the top things to buy in Santorini, grab yourself some extra virgin olive oil.

Wind Mill

Want to know what to buy in Santorini? Wind Mills are the short answer. They are synonymous with the Greek island of Santorini. While wandering the white-washed labyrinth of pathways on your two day Santorini itinerary you are sure to see small shops selling them. With their blue and white colors, they are one of the best things to buy in Santorini!

Halva and Greek Sweets

I am partial to halva but others will tell you that the diamond-shaped baklava is the way to go while in Santorini! While halva is an easier Santorini souvenir to bring home, enjoy the baklava and other sweet treats while you are there. When Greeks visit friends, they usually buy cakes rather than baking. There are so many amazing bakeries all over, you will not have a hard time falling in love with Greek deserts.

Worry Beads

Almost every Greek man in Santorini will be seen with worry beads in his hand or hanging out of his pocket. Known as komboloi, it is one of those Greek souvenirs that you might not have any use for, but they are beautiful as a decoration. Perhaps they were the world’s first figit spinners, I considered getting my kids one each. In many other cultures, they are known as prayer beads to keep track of prayers or calm the mind, but Greeks have adopted the habit as a secular, rather than a religious, hobby. It is meant as a calming practice and used to reduce stress.

Santorini Donkey

If you are going to Santorini, the typical tourist item revolves around the Santorini Donkey. They are on t-shirts, ornaments, the name of wine, stuffed animals for kids, and are just about EVERYWHERE!

Volcanic Rock Jewelry

Santorini is a volcanic island, and jewelry made from volcanic rock is a popular souvenir choice. Look for pieces like pendants, earrings, or bracelets.

Local Wine

Santorini produces some excellent wines, especially white wines made from the Assyrtiko grape. A bottle of local wine is a great gift.


Ouzo is one of the popular souvenirs from Santorini and something unique to grab if you are looking for things you can only buy in Greece! Make sure you know your home country’s entry allowances when you are doing your shopping.

If you are into wine, make sure to check out the best wine tours in Santorini while you are on the island.

Evil Eye Pendant

Known in Greece as an evil eye “mati” is a common sight all over the whitewashed walls in Santorini. It is thought to ward off evil spirits. You will see it in houses and on jewelry.

Greek Jewelry

If you are planning on ever going to a toga party, pick yourself up an adorable Greek crown or headband while in Santorini. I bought one for myself while shopping and got fabulous comments on it. It also made this year’s Halloween costume super easy!

There is also plenty of handmade Greek jewelry for you to buy on your trip. Keep your eyes open when browsing independent souvenir shops. These kinds of purchases are always the most meaningful.

Handwoven Textiles

You can find high-quality, handwoven textiles such as tablecloths, scarves, or towels, often in vibrant colors and patterns. Look for quality pieces over cheap imported options.

Leather Sandals

Complete your shopping in Santorini and complement your stylish outfit with a pair of handmade leather sandals. They are surprisingly affordable compared to what I expected and they are perfect to wear while in Santorini and when you come home!

Depending on when you are planning on visiting, check out Santorini in winter and Santorini for kids! For first timers, check out mistakes to avoid in Santorini and is Santorini safe.

What to buy in Santorini souvenirs.

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