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Sweden Souvenirs and Things you can only Get in Sweden!

This guide has the top Sweden souvenirs and unique items you can only get in Sweden!

If you are wondering what to buy in Sweden then you are in the right place. I am always on the hunt for unique souvenirs and statement travel pieces to add to my home. I also love browsing shopping malls in foreign cities and countries to see what is the same and what is different. Souvenir shopping in Sweden can be a lot of fun! This guide to Sweden souvenirs and gifts has unique items to buy as mementos from a trip or gifts for friends and family!

Best Souvenirs from Sweden

Swedish Design Items

Sweden is known for its sleek and functional design. Look for home decor items, furniture, or household goods from popular Swedish brands like IKEA, Svenskt Tenn, or Design House Stockholm.


Marabou chocolate is the perfect thing you can only find in Sweden for the chocolate lover in your life! You can find them in convenience stores and grocery stores all over Sweden. Choose traditional milk chocolate or various varieties with nuts or caramel.

Maribou Swedish chocolate is a popular souvenir from Sweden.

Dala Horse

The Dala Horse, or Dalahäst, is a traditional Swedish wooden horse figurine. It is a symbol of Sweden and is available in various sizes and colors. They are one of the things you can only find in Sweden that you can bring home as a memento from your trip!

Swedish Fridge Magnets

Do you collect fridge magnets when you travel? Sweden is the perfect place to add to your collection. You can find various magnets all over Sweden and also at Arlanda Airport before you leave!

Swedish flag and gifts

Traditional Swedish Food Products

Bring home some traditional Swedish food products like lingonberry jam, Swedish meatballs, gravlax (cured salmon), and crispbread. You can find them in grocery stores or specialized food markets.

Remember to check local regulations and customs restrictions before purchasing any food or plant-related souvenirs. Enjoy your time in Sweden and happy souvenir hunting!

Snacks from Sweden

Viking Souvenirs

Embrace Sweden’s Viking history by getting Viking-themed souvenirs like jewelry inspired by Norse mythology, Viking ship replicas, or rune stones. You can find simple magnets and intricate crafted items.

Hockey Gear

Are you a hockey fan? Ice hockey in Sweden has a history going back to at least 1912 and is one of the country’s most popular sports. Grab a national jersey with the iconic three crowns or a local jersey from the “Svenska hockeyligan” (Swedish Hockey League) to bring home from your trip.

Swedish Music Souvenirs

Sweden has a vibrant music scene, and you can find albums or merchandise from popular Swedish artists like ABBA, Avicii, Robyn, or Zara Larsson. Explore music stores or buy these souvenirs online!

Sami Handicrafts

The Sami people are the indigenous population of Northern Sweden. Look for traditional Sami handicrafts like reindeer leather products, duodji (Sami crafts), jewelry, or traditional Sami clothing.

Reindeer fur souvenirs

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