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Dead Sea Tips: Do’s and Dont’s for your First Visit

If you are looking for comprehensive list of Dead Sea tips then you are in the right place. I have visited the Dead Sea several times, whether it was on a guided tour, or when I rented a car and came on my own. Visiting the Dead Sea is a once in a lifetime experience for most, so I want to make sure you know what to expect when you visit the lowest place on Earth! 

Dead Sea Tips


What to Expect at the Dead Sea Tips


Facts on the Dead Sea

Before I get started with my best Dead Sea tips, I wanted to give you some facts about the Dead Sea and what brings visitors to it from all over the world!


Dead Sea Beach

The Dead Sea is the lowest point on Earth and its edges have amazing salt crystal formations

The Lowest point on Earth

The Dead Sea lies at the lowest point on Earth, 400 meters below sea level. It is so far away from the sun that harmful UV rays do not reach it. Although it is hotter than higher elevations in the area, those enjoying the sun are protected from its harmful, cancer-causing rays.

How is “Sea Level” measured?


Have you ever wondered how sea level is measured? It is one of those things that everyone knows of, but likely does not know how it is actually calculated.


Sea level is based on the Mediterranean Sea. Now you know! you can read more about it on wikipedia!

Dead Sea Jordan

What a typical beach looks like with floaters enjoying the water just off shore! This photo was taken after two days of heavy rain and that is why there are so many sticks on the beach. Every other visit I have not seen debris like this

Healing Properties

Its position at the lowest point on Earth offers more than a salty dip. The air has a higher oxygen concentration in this area and its mineral rich properties bring people from all over the world who are suffering from various types of skin diseases and rheumatism.


Dead Sea Shrinking

Have a look at this sign, it is alarming how fast the Dead Sea is shrinking.

Get there before it is Gone

The Dead Sea is vanishing at an alarming rate. This is mostly due to the added pressure put on the Jordan River and neighbouring streams for a water source for Israel and Jordan. Some estimates state that it will be dried up in 30 years without some type of intervention. It used to be 57 kilometres in length and it is currently around 47 kilometres and its shores are shrinking about a meter each year. There are calls for bringing water from the Red Sea, but there are no projects underway.

Dead Sea Newspaper

Bring some cute props for your experience!

Dead Sea Tips

Keep these handy tips in mind when you are visiting the Dead Sea.

DO Bring Your Camera, But take Photos before you get wet!

The salt on the dead sea sticks to everything! Take some pics before you get into the water or before your hands are covered in mud! Also if you have a gopro, the salt will almost instantly stick to it when you take photos so keep dunking it into the water in between shots! Also some of the best instagram places in Jordan are at the Dead Sea, take some time to get some great photos if that is your thing!

Dead Sea Salt at the shore

These crysal salt shards are SHARP! Protect your feet

DO Wear Aqua Socks or Sandals or Protective Footwear

Part of the process of getting INTO the water is stepping on RAZOR SHARP salt crystals. If you wear sandals or water footwear, this process becomes much easier! Feel free to throw them back to shore once you are comfortably floating!

DONT Splash

There is not much that is as painful as getting the water into your eyes. Be careful when you sit yourself down into the water and avoid getting it into your eyes and mouth.

Dead Sea Mud at the Dead Sea Spa

Most hotels and resorts offer guests mud to cover themselves with. Avoid the eye area and if you have sensitive skin, test a patch of skin beforehand

DO Enjoy the Mud

If you are not hypersensitive, enjoy the mud before you float! Avoid the eye area and I suggest you do not put it above your eyes because when you wash it off in the water, that stinging salt water will drip into your eyes (YES, been there, done that!)


DONT Shave a day or two before

Avoid shaving for at least a day before your visit. Otherwise you will end up having your skin stinging, BADLY!

Dead Sea Tips for Visiting

The shoreline of the Dead Sea varies from kilometre to kilometre! Some areas have tall cliffs and others have smooth beaches

DO Cover Cuts

If you have any recent cuts, get some liquid bandaidand spray it over them to protect them from the salt. My son fell the morning before our visit and even with liquid bandaid, he was very uncomfortable and said it stung a lot!


DONT Wear that new Bikini

Dont bring that brand new bikini as the minerals can stain or ruin it while you are swimming in the Dead Sea. If you plan on covering yourself in mud and show up in a brand new white suit, it may not be white again! While most darker fabrics seem to fare just fine, bring something that you will not be heartbroken if it gets discoloured.


DONT Linger

This once-in-a-lifetime experience will be over before you know it. 10-15 minutes is recommended for floating in the Dead Sea before you may begin to feel uncomfortable! But your Dead Sea visit does not have to end there, shower off and head up to the pool!

Dead Sea with Kids

Markus loved putting mud on himself (and ME) but Mattias wanted nothing to do with getting into the stinging water

Tips on Visiting the Dead Sea with Kids

Some kids are a lot more sensitive than adults and that can result in a bad Dead Sea experience. My son fell the morning before our visit and had some good road rash. Despite spraying it with liquid bandaids, he came out in tears before getting knee deep. On a second visit, he said it was uncomfortable as soon as he got in.

My younger son, who was three our first visit, enjoyed it, but had a tough time keeping his mouth closed and not splashing, especially while trying to balance and float.

Make sure you have a bottle of fresh water to wash out their eyes and mouth. While my older son did not like getting in the water, he enjoyed collecting chunks of salt and examining the crazy formations that it makes.

After our “float” we went back to the hotel pool for the afternoon and they had their fun!

Overall, my suggestion is to manage your expectations when it comes to your little ones and it may not be the same experience for them as it is for you.

Kids floating at the Dead Sea

At three years old, Markus wanted a quick float, but preferred the Hotel Pool!

What to Pack for the Dead Sea

Depending whether you are staying at one of the local Dead Sea hotels or if you are visiting on a daytrip, have these items handy. If you are coming in for just a few hours on a tour, bring them in a plastic bag or a beach bag and leave the rest of your suitcase and daybag items in the vehicle with your driver

TowelHotel guests will likely be given a towel with a towel card, but if you are a day visitor, you will have to pay a deposit for one. If you are not a guest, bring your own towel (if you have one).

Bathing SuitThis one is pretty obvious : )

Cover UpWhile bikinis are acceptable at the Dead Sea and around the pool, bring something to cover up while you walk down to the water (as in some places it is a few hundred meters due to its rapid receding.

WaterBring a water bottle in case you get the salt water into your eyes. Also it is quite a bit hotter at the Dead Sea so stay hydrated while you float

Aqua Shoes or SandalsThe salt crystals feel like shards of glass as you make your way into the water, do yourself a favour and bring sandals or aqua shoes.

Liquid Bandaids : You will want to use liquid bandaidson any cuts or scraps (make sure they are dry before applying it or it will sting). We carry it in our first aid kid now. Grab yourself one on Amazon before you go!

Dead Sea Spa

The Dead Sea Spa Hotel is where we usually stay with Kids at the Dead Sea. The property is huge and there is a great kids area

More Dead Sea Tips: How to Get to the Dead Sea for Jordan Visitors

For those who are visiting the Dead Sea from the Jordan side, there are only a few ways to get there. If you are staying in Amman, there are only a few ways to get to the Dead Sea, read about how to get from Amman to the Dead Sea here. If you are on a fully guided tour, all of your transportation needs are taken care of!

Renting a car is perfectly safe to get to the Dead Sea from Amman and you can read more information about our experience traveling around Jordan here. If you are staying at one of the Dead Sea hotels (which i recommend), its probably cheaper than taking a taxi both ways.

Also, taking a taxi is pretty easy as Amman has lots! You can also try their ride sharing option, Careem.

There are no busses Amman to the Dead Sea. Your Amman hotel might be able to recommend a local day tour if that interests you.

Where to Stay at the Dead Sea Jordan?


My personal favourite is the Dead Sea Spa. I have stayed there several times and their location is easy to get to, right on the beach and their food is good. If you have kids, they have a great kids pool.

Be wary of hotels that say they have a private beach, they may have “access” to a private beach but they are not actually on the beach.


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visiting the dead sea tips

Dead Sea Tips

Dead Sea Photo By tsaiproject

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Tuesday 29th of December 2020

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Monday 24th of February 2020

Thank you for the helpful information! :)

Lindsay Nieminen

Monday 24th of February 2020

glad it was helpful! Let me know how your visit goes!


Wednesday 29th of January 2020

Very useful information,thanks! One question: Are there any free showers at the beach? If your'e just visiting Dead Sea for just couple of hours by car and don' t have a hotel room to wash off all the salt?

Lindsay Nieminen

Monday 10th of February 2020

no Free showers, you can get a day pass from the beach hotels or Amman Beach


Thursday 16th of January 2020

Thanks. Lindsay. One more question; does the Google map work as you get closer to Wadi Rum and off the highway? I will buy a Jordan SIM card. Also, where do we park the rental car at Wadi Rum if the camping site is way inside and a sedan is not allowed to go up to the campsite?

Lindsay Nieminen

Thursday 16th of January 2020

Hi Rajeev, Yes Google Maps will get you to the Wadi Rum Visitor's Center. When you arrive, if you cannot drive to your camp, the camp will have a 4x4 vehicle to pick you up at the visitor's center and take you into the camp. You will leave your car at the visitor's center parking lot.


Tuesday 14th of January 2020

Hi Lindsay, We are thinking about driving to Jerash starting at noon, then drive from there to Dead sea before sundown, see sunset and then drive back to Amman. Do you think it is feasible? Just a 60 ear old couple from USA. Next day morning we are thinking of driving to Wadi Rum for a jeep ride and overnight stay. Any thoughts?

Lindsay Nieminen

Tuesday 14th of January 2020

YES! totally feasible! BUT the sun probably sets earlier then you expect. It is going to be an hour to Jerash, then an hour visit, then drive to Dead Sea takes about 90 minutes. So check on the sunset depending on the time of year you visit. Driving to Wadi Rum next day is just fine. Its about 4 hours drive.