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Morocco Souvenirs: What to Buy in Morocco on your African Holiday

If you want to know what to buy in Morocco, this post has you covered! I love wandering a bazaar or a souq or a gift shop to find the best things to buy in Morocco as a memento of my trip, especially if it is a unique Morocco souvenir. Souvenirs are more than just things you bring home, they bring back memories of a time and a place and a culture. Bringing something home from Morocco might remind you of someone you met, or perhaps a meal you had, or a place you visited on your Morocco Itinerary.

I used to send myself home a postcard, but that was interrupted after a postcard from Jordan took 9 months to arrive in Canada! I have also been to a few places lately that do not have postcards on every corner, unlike the ABC shops scattered along Waikiki Beach in Oahu. I decided the best Morocco souvenirs should come home with me. 

Keep reading below to see what to buy in Morocco and find the best Moroccan souvenir for you!

The Best Morocco Souvenirs to Buy on Your Trip

Best Morocco Souvenirs

#1 Moroccan Flag

Some people like to collect flags on their travels! I am one of them. Flags pack well, and can be displayed on the wall at home, or kept in a keepsake box, or can wrap gifts you are bringing home. They also make great photos while traveling. Just be mindful of respecting the flag, some countries have rules on how to properly display a flag. Overall, their uses are endless and that is why I love bringing them home with me on my travels!

#2. Lanterns

Like Turkey, Morocco has beautiful lanterns to bring home as souvenirs. Once you get out of the Moroccan desert, keep your eye out for them, you will be hard pressed to miss them! If you are taking a Marrakech tour, you will be sure to spot them!

#3. Spices

Africa and the Middle East have such amazing spice shops, it would be a shame not to buy some of your favorites. Especially after eating all of the delicious foods in Morocco. Check out the many vendors and bring home some spices from Morocco. Make sure you enjoy all of the food, cuisine is one of the best reasons to visit Morocco.

Morocco Shopping for Souvenirs and Spices

#4. Pottery

Moroccan Pottery is another popular thing to buy in Morocco. It is EVERYWHERE in many colors and designs!

#5. Argan

If you want to know what Morocco is famous for, Argan is it! Pick some up anywhere in Morocco to bring home with you as a keepsake from your trip! Make sure you know if you are buying cosmetic argan oil or cooking argan oil!

#6.  Traditional or Woven Hats

If you want something brightly colored, why not pick up a hat from the markets in Morocco!

Shopping in Morocco

 #7. Leather

Moroccan leather has been made the same way for hundreds of years. You can find goat, sheep, cow and camel leather in the shops in Morocco. Prices vary greatly depending on the leather quality. Look for a leather shop to ensure you are getting a quality product.

#8. Hammered Metal

Mostly for decorative purposes, you can find beautiful hammered metal pieces made in Morocco. 

#9. Dates and Figs and Other Edibles

Dates and figs are popular snacks and make the perfect souvenir to bring home, or something to enjoy while you are in Morocco. Avoid the tourist shops or you will be overcharged for these staple items.

#10. Rugs and Carpets

The rugs in Morocco are stunningly beautiful and the perfect Moroccan souvenir to enjoy for years to come. These are tricky to get home, but if you can swing it, pick up a rug from Morocco. You will not regret having it in your home.

Things to buy in Morocco

What to Buy in Morocco Final Thoughts

I hope these 10 suggestions have given you some ideas of what to buy in Morocco on your trip. One of my favorite Morocco souvenirs that I did not even bring up is photos. Photos are one of the best souvenirs that you do not even need to buy! When you share your vacation photos, you are welcome to use these desert captions or vacation captions.

Shopping is an experience in itself and sometimes the pushy salesmen can get really annoying. It is best just to ignore them, if you are walking past, and do not feel pressured to buy anything you do not want.

It is hard to find out what a “fair” price to pay is, but the general consensus is to pay what you think is fair. 

Like what you read? Do you know what to buy in Morocco when you visit? Check out my series of “What to Buy” souvenir posts on: Kazakhstan, Greece, Israel, Egypt and Thailand

Things to Buy in Morocco
What to Buy in Morocco

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  1. Pradish P says:

    Moroccan lanterns, wall plates & vases are beautiful things one should buy there.