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Top 10 Key West Souvenirs You Will Want to Bring Home!

Whether you want a keepsake for yourself in the memory of every place you visit or want to carry something for your friends and family, souvenirs are therefore a must. In case you are looking for something similar, for instance, if you are searching for some suggestions regarding Key West souvenirs, you have landed at the best place possible.

Key West is funky, eclectic, colorful, beachy, rowdy, chill, and wild, all at once. It is very hard for one not to find a matching vibe here because this place is perfectly suited for all. This popular Florida beach town has so much to offer for every traveler, that you can hardly return without packing some souvenirs from Key West. 

However, if you are confused regarding what to get as souvenirs, we are here to help. This article will help you figure out all that to bring home from Key West. It will guide you with some of the best suggestions along with mentioning some of the best Key West gift shops. Thus, in order to discover more, all you need to do is go ahead and give this article a quick read.

Key West Souvenirs and Gifts

10 Best Souvenirs to Bring from Key West

  1. Cuban Cigar

The proximity of Key West to Cuba makes it natural enough that cigars are a long-term diversion on this island. If you visit the Rodriguez Cigar Factory, you can enjoy the hand-rolling process of the cigar by yourself. These cigars are made with vintage leaves that are specially cured, aged, and rolled using the age-old methods of Cuban manufacturing. You can even book a tour of the small factory and get a box of their world-renowned cigars as a souvenir.

  1. Kino Sandals 

Kino sandals are undoubtedly one of the best souvenirs to buy from Key West. These handsome leather flip-flops have been the staple of this island since 1966. They are surprisingly comfortable and long-lasting.

  1. A bottle of rum

Rum is one of the core parts of Key West. You can enjoy a wide variety of cocktails there. The best part of getting a bottle of rum with you is that you can mix smoky cocktails back home and think about Key West. You will find the distillery just a few blocks away from Mallory Square. It even offers free mojito-making classes.

  1. Key lime pie

The moment you try this Key lime pie, the only thought circling your mind would be to bring a slice of it back home. This is the ideal souvenir to treat yourself back home or even to surprise your friends. This pie is one of the most iconic things to try while you are in Key West. The best part is that Key Lime Pie Co. offers next-day shipping on their award-winning pies for you to have them fresh and tasty!

  1. Key West pottery

The special pottery works of Key West hearken to everything that roams wild on the island. These works range from white egrets creeping in quiet mangroves to rowdy roosters walking around Old Town. These pottery and ceramics are the unique ones you can only find around Key West. These works feature images of gators, cranes, and various other creatures too. You can simply visit their studio and get some of these for yourself to carry back home.

  1. Cuban coffee

Do you desire the taste of the dark rich roast? If yes, you have to try the Cuban coffee, and the moment you taste it, you would want to bring it home. Coffee culture is undoubtedly a part and parcel of the United States and with the trade-in Cuba, this Cuban coffee has now turned out to be a beloved part of the Keys. This dark and rich roast has an unparalleled flavor and you can find it at almost every restaurant and cafe across the island. Once you bring it home, you can wake up to this rich taste every morning and you can simultaneously relish all of the adventures you had in Key West.

  1. Artisan Jewelry

If you are in Key West, taking at least some artisan jewelry back home is a must. Jewelry making is a time-honored hobby that mostly dates back to the early prehistoric times and is certainly one of the most memorable mementos of your trip to Key West. Along with the multitude of souvenirs available in this region, there are seemingly infinite jewelers and artisans for you to discover. You can spend much of your trip hopping amongst the shops until you have your eyes on the perfect piece of adornment that you wish to carry back home. You can choose from a wide range of bracelets, earrings, necklaces, chokers, and much more.

  1. Nautical gifts

In case you carry back some nautical gifts you will surely carry some mementos from your trip to the oceans. This is the best way to remember your oceanic encounters. You will find things such as sailor hats, beach bags made out of repurposed sails, and a wide range of various other ocean-themed souvenirs at the boutiques and gift shops in this area. These are the best-suited gifts to carry back for yourself or someone special.

  1. Blown glass

Hand-blown glass is one of the best things to discover here. And the moment you grab an ornament or another decorative piece made from blown glass, you are definitely getting something that is one of a kind. The beautiful bright colors and the unique shapes and designs are unlike anything that you can get from the factory. There are plenty of art studios and blown glass artists with businesses and private shops where you can even see the process of creation of this unique art.

  1. Local shells

Shells can be used for a variety of arts and crafts like making jewelry or using them as a splashback for kitchens and bathrooms. Also, in case you are ready to put in a little more effort and time, you wouldn’t have to pay a dime to collect them. You can simply head to any of the Key beaches and pile them up. The ideal times to collect these local shells are dawn and dusk. And if you are lucky enough, you can even discover some genuine sea glass or even fossilized shark teeth.

Best Souvenir Shops in Key West 

Most people visit Key West as a day trip from Tampa and they like to bring back some souvenirs as a memoir from their day trip. The list below is meant to help you with the locations of the best souvenir shops in Key West:

  1. Peppers of Key West

Ideal place for you to discover all types of sauces, salsas, and marinades ranging from mild to hot.

  1. Rodriguez cigar factory

Along with the outstanding tour provided by them that allows the fascinating insight into the Rodriguez Cigar Company, you also enjoy a real sight of how cigars have evolved over time. Thereby, you will have the ideal souvenir to carry back home.

  1. Kino sandals Inc

Kino sandals are undoubtedly one of the best souvenirs Key West has to offer. This impressive little shop has a hold of dozens of styles of handmade sandals.

  1. The Key West Winery

What’s better than bringing a bottle of refined wine back home from Key West? You can visit the winery, go for wine tasting, and bring your favorite one back with you right to your home.

  1. Saltwater Angler

If you want to buy some special gifts, this is your place to be. This is usually the annual shopping spot for friends. You can easily spot your favorite sunglasses or shoes from their extended collection.

  1. Besame Mucho

This place has a wonderful variety of products ranging from lotions, soaps, clothing, jewelry, and much more. This unique boutique is filled with a lot of cute items. 

  1. The Shell Warehouse

The ideal stop to discover ocean life. You can find a bounty of sea shells, coral, and fossilized shark teeth. This particular historic landmark is a perfect piece of local flavor. Their aquatic-themed toys are best for kids and the mature adult can browse among the beautiful selection of preserved alligator goods, stunning jewelry, sea life souvenirs, etc.

  1. The Green House

This place carries the largest selection of products derived from hemp. You can explore their massive selection of smokeless products. You can even smell the freshness of over 40 strains of flower. They also have a line of CBD topicals, tinctures, bath bombs, and even honey.

  1. Mel Fisher’s Treasures

This place will certainly blow your mind with its museum-quality shipwreck finds. There are various grades of coins and emeralds, pearls, and various other artifacts recovered from shipwrecks by the Mel Fisher Team.  Their obvious rarity and value make sure you get some unique items.

  1. Kermit’s Key West Key Lime Shoppe

This place specializes in the key lime pie which is literally the best part of being in Key West. You can simply stop in for a slice that is freshly baked on-site or sample some of their delicious sauces, jellies, candies, and even more, all of which come with a touch of key lime goodness. You can take some of them home to tastefully remember your Key West vacation and cherish the memories.


If you are planning to visit Key West, you should not miss the chance to bring back some amazing souvenirs from this epic place. However, if you are unaware of what are the best things that you can get from Key West, that is what this blog is here to help you with. This article has listed some of the most unique Key West souvenirs that you surely need to check out. Thus, if you are confused about something similar, all you need to do is surf right through this article and get your preferences straight.

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Key West Souvenirs

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