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What to Buy in Minneapolis? Minnesota Souvenirs and More!

Minneapolis is a lively city home to a rich and vibrant culture, contemporary museums, some rare crops, famous art centers, Gavin Kaysen’s restaurants, and theme parks. 

The perfect blend of suburban and rural standards in architecture, annual carnivals and fairs, old factories and wineries, wonderful sceneries, and serene beaches – all lure thousands of tourists to the place. 

Shopping is one of the best things to do in Minnesota, the state features no tax on clothes and many other items for shopping making it highly affordable to grab a gift or souvenir to bring home.

In fact, Mall of America – the seventh-largest shopping mall in the world, alone attracts more than 40 million visitors annually! While the great mall is one of the prime shopping centers in the city, the local shopping scene in Minneapolis is no less in versatility and charm. 

So if you happen to tour the Twin Cities and don’t know what to buy in Minneapolis, this article lists down some of the best souvenirs you can find in the place. 

Minneapolis Souvenirs Minnesota.

What to Buy in Minneapolis? Some Ideas for the Best Mementos

We know how important it is to carry souvenirs from any new place you visit. They symbolize the towns they belong to and are a sign of remembrance of the special moments you spend there.

In Minneapolis, there are a lot of amazing articles available that embody the unique culture of the city. The city’s shopping centers offer a great variety of artifacts. 

While typical things like keychains and refrigerator magnets are an option, they are too conventional. So if you are wondering what to buy in Minneapolis, we bring you a list of some of the must-buy things from the city.

Faribault Blankets

The first item in our list of the best souvenirs is Faribault blankets. For what can be a better souvenir than something which stands for the Minneapolis heritage and holds a significant part in American history.

Minneapolis souvenir Faribault Blankets.

These traditional blankets, woven with the unique vertical weaving technique, are produced in a 150-year-old mill. The Faribault Woolen Mill Company started its operations in 1865. As an old factory, the site itself garners a lot of interest from tourists interested in the vintage and historical stuff. 

The most remarkable part about the woolen Faribault blankets is their association with the country’s glorious history. The mill has lived through the world wars, and the premium quality blankets were supplied to the American soldiers who fought for us in them.

Apart from the historical point of view, they are also known for their comfort and quality. The perfectly woven blankets are made from top-notch material and have lasted for generations in the Minneapolis families.

So, they make for a thoughtful gift for elders and children. Who knows, they might also become a generational asset for your family.

MN Wild Rice

Rice that does not actually comprise rice grains is our second pick for the Minneapolis souvenirs. If you have eaten bland white rice only, know that these wild black grains outclass your food in nutrition and flavor.

Wild rice is something to pick up if you want to know what to buy in Minneapolis

The wild rice is essentially dark brown grains that grow in lakes and streams that carry an earthy flavor. Discovered accidentally by the Chippewa tribe, these aquatic-grass-like grains actually offer a full package of food. 

They are heavily packed with proteins and it is possible to store them for months.

The fun part is that this wild rice which helped sustain one of the oldest humans actually requires some specific and unique conditions to grow. Only Minnesota and Canada offer favorable conditions for wild rice cultivation; hence, it is one of the trademarks of Minneapolis.

So, if by a happy chance you are touring the city, don’t forget to treat yourself to the delicious Minneapolis wild rice.

Minneapolis Tourism Booklets

While the keychains and stickers are too old school, a popular and new idea for souvenirs is the tourism books. They basically are colorful and cute booklets that detail the famous spots of the place. 

Apart from being a guide to the explorers of the Twin Cities, they also serve as a wonderful token of memorial for your tour to Minneapolis.

Be it the multidisciplinary Walker’s Art Center,  Mall of America, the Institute of Art, historic tall-stature buildings, or the Cedar Beach – these booklets are a collection of all the important and noteworthy places to visit and great things to do in Minneapolis.

Many local shops in the city sell creative and detailed booklets in Minneapolis. So if you want a guide or are looking for a gift for a friend, the Minneapolis tourist guides are a perfect choice.

Corazon Arts and Crafts

When it comes to shopping as a tourist, it is a priority to buy local art and articles. Unfortunately, the urban shopping stores which feature stuff from the international brands often overshadow the home-grown, original Minneapolis artifacts. 

things to buy in Minnesota

So, as a tourist, if you are interested in buying beautiful creatives that are handcrafted by locals, things in Corazon are your go-to.

The store prides itself as a shop that hosts local manufacturers and independent designers. From jewelry to glasswork, pottery, and stationery, there are a plethora of things you can find in Corazon. Pots that have the historic Minneapolis buildings painted on them and gift cards can be a good choice.

Stone Jewelry by Nicole Collodoro

People usually consider jewelry too basic for a souvenir. However, the stone jewelry on our list is different and beyond amazing. If geology fascinates you, Nicole Collodoro is definitely a must-buy item. 

They are a Minneapolis brand that blends geology and art to produce adorable stone jewelry. The intricate designs and vintage yet modern-looking local accessories are some of the things we suggest you buy in Minneapolis.

Minneapolis Shaped Cookie Cutters from Mill City Museum 

If you are visiting Minneapolis, your guide will most definitely take you to the Mill City Museum. Built on the land that once belonged to the world’s largest flour mill, the place stands for the legacy of the historic flour mill.

Since the museum celebrates the flour industry, there’s a lot of baking stuff sold in the gift shops. Cookie cutters in the shape of Minneapolis’ map will be the best souvenir as it symbolizes both the city and its history.

Cindy Lindgren’s Tote Bag

Cindy Lindgren is a renowned artist and designer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota who has a popular brand. While all of her products are wonderful, we suggest you buy the tote bags. 

The bags have set a benchmark with their high-quality, dependable material and pretty eye-catching designs. So if you are visiting Minneapolis, don’t forget to treat yourself to the beautifully crafted Cindy Lindgren’s tote bags.

Handmade ‘I Like You’ Delights

‘I Like You’ by Angela Lessman is a one-stop shop for local handmade delights. The place has an ecstatic collection of remarkable crafts. From greeting cards to toys, jewelry, stationery, candles, and soaps, there’s a lot that you can find at this place. 

The fact they are all local goods that are handmade from a popular store makes them a well-suited Minneapolis souvenir.

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