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Perfect Sri Lanka Souvenirs and Gifts: Your Shopping Guide for What to Buy!

If you are planning a trip to Sri Lanka and wondering what to buy in Sri Lanka, this article is for you!
Sri Lanka is a country of markets and you will find Sri Lanka souvenirs all over the country.
From extravagant wood carvings to simple souvenirs for the kids, you won’t have any trouble finding
some special items to remember your trip and gift to your friends

So what keepsakes should you buy to remember your trip? Here are 8 of the best things to buy in Sri

What to buy in Sri Lanka – Sri Lanka souvenirs

Gifts from Sri Lanka souvenirs.

Formerly known as Ceylon, the island oasis of Sri Lanka has a secluded charm that ticks the boxes for
pretty much every kind of traveller. Home to 8 UNESCO world heritage sites, it has a vibrant cultural and religious history. It is also renowned for its stunning beaches, mystical highland towns and mouth-watering cuisine.
For backpackers, solo travellers, families and luxury seekers, Sri Lanka travel is incredibly memorable and rewarding. Our curated list of top Sri Lankan souvenirs reflects the diversity of the country so you can buy the
perfect souvenir to take home.

Sri Lankan Tea

Sri Lanka is one of the world’s largest tea producers and a visit to the tea plantations in the highlands
near Ella and Nuwara Eliya is one of the highlights of a trip to Sri Lanka. You will find tea for sale in every town and souvenir store in Sri Lanka, but the most memorable place to buy it is direct from a tea plantation.
Go on a tea factory tour, taste test all the different types of tea, and choose your favorite tea to bring
home. From simple packaging to decorative boxes and tins, tea is one of the best souvenirs to buy in Sri

Coconut Shell Kitchen Utensils

Coconut Tree Hill in Mirissa is one of the iconic Sri Lankan images made popular thanks to Instagram.
What better way to bring home a little memory from Mirissa than kitchen items crafted from coconut shells.
From salad spoons to bowls to ladles and even tea cups, they are a practical yet gorgeous souvenir to purchase in Sri Lanka.

Vintage Sri Lanka Poster

A vintage poster is the perfect souvenir to bring home from Sri Lanka. There are a huge range of vintage posters and maps to choose from and unlike some other souvenirs, they suit most contemporary homes. The highland town of Ella and the historic city of Galle are two great places to find a vintage poster.

From Sri Lankan beaches to trains and tea plantations, you may find it hard to choose just one.

Sri Lanka Vintage Poster souvenir.

Decorative Masks

Sri Lanka has a thriving handicrafts industry and as you wander through the markets in Sri Lanka, a
common sight to see are the spectacular hand carved wooden masks. Taking inspiration from the masks worn in traditional festivals and dances, they are a popular Sri Lankan souvenir to display in your home and are a great talking point with visitors! Plus if the bright colors are not your thing, there are plenty of simple wooden masks to choose from too.

Sri Lankan Wooden Mask

Wooden Animal Souvenir

If you have kids, they will love browsing all the small wooden animal souvenirs available in Sri Lanka.
From simple carved turtles to brightly decorated elephants, they are a wonderful Sri Lanka souvenir
for kids.
You can find them in any market across the country, but if you visit smaller towns like Sigiriya you
might be lucky to buy them direct from the craftsman where you can watch him carve the animals
close up.

Sri Lanka souvenir Wooden Animals.

Batik Fabric

The batik method of fabric textile art has a long history in Sri Lanka.
You will find plenty of traditional design options in the markets – on sarongs, pants, wall hangings
and cushion covers. There are also many contemporary batik designers based in Colombo where you will be able to find more upmarket dresses and homewares to buy. If you are interested to see how batik is made, visit the small Batik factory just outside Kandy. It is a popular tourist destination with a large shop but seeing the process of the women making the batik is a great experience.

Sri Lanka Magnet

Magnets are one of the most popular souvenirs from any travel destination and Sri Lanka is no
different. There are great options to choose from including the ubiquitous Tuk Tuk, fisherman, vintage images
and elephants. They are an affordable souvenir for kids too and are perfect gifts for them to bring home for their

Sri Lanka Magnets amke afforable souvenirs from Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan Spices

If you come to love the Sri Lankan food during the trip, one of the best souvenirs to bring home is Sri
Lankan spices so you can try and replicate your favorite dishes at home.
Sri Lanka is most famous for sweet Ceylon cinnamon, but you can also find Sri Lankan curry powder,
turmeric and chilli amongst other things.
The best place to buy spice souvenirs is at the local markets. Avoid purchasing it at any of the tourist
Spice Gardens scattered around the country, as you will pay a super-premium price.

What to buy in Sri Lanka final thoughts

Sri Lanka is a wonderful travel destination. You really can choose your own adventure – from surf
holidays to cultural trips and foodie tours there are so many ways to enjoy your Sri Lankan holiday.
And now you have some great Sri Lankan souvenirs to search for on your trip. If you happen to have any train photos, use these train captions on your photos!

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